Pres. Candidate Pena Nieto Campaigns In Monterrey Ahead Of Election

A Hacker Helped Rig Elections in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, and More By Spying and Manipulating Social Media to Steer Public Opinion

For nearly ten years, a 20-something Colombian hacker secretly shaped the outcomes of major elections across Latin America.
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Much of Latin America is Unprepared for Cyber Attacks - Report

Latin America needs to get on its cybersecurity game, according to a new study.
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Browsing Habits Reveal Latin American Internet Trends

Much of Latin America's online community shares similar habits to other connected parts of the globe, but the order of priority might surprise you.
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USAID Makes Its Case for Cuban Twitter on Capitol Hill

Last week, the AP released an exclusive investigative report showing that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) had developed a "Cuban Twitter" with - perhaps - covert, political motives. On Tuesday, USAID's administrator answered to Congress on the matter.

U.S. Government Attempted to Undermine Cuba's Government with "Cuban Twitter" - Report

The U.S. government reportedly tried to create unrest in Cuba to undermine its communist government by secretly creating a "Cuban Twitter." The project, seemingly a throwback to the U.S.'s Cold War anti-Castro tactics, had ties to the State Department's U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Telefónica Acquires Startup eyeOS, Entering the Cloud Competition for Business

Telefónica, one of the largest Spanish telecommunications companies with a big presence in Latin America, announced this week that it had acquired eyeOS, a cloud computing startup behind a suite of open source web applications. With this acquisition, Telefónica further enters the realm of enterprise internet solutions, as well as open-source software.

Brazilian Congress Passes World's First "Bill of Rights" For The Internet

Earlier this month, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, called for a "Bill of Rights" for the web on its 25th birthday. Late last night, Brazil broke ground and became the first country to pass a bill protecting the rights of internet users.
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Mainstreaming the Spanish-Language Internet: An Exclusive Interview with .UNO CEO Shaul Jolles

A new province of the World Wide Web intended for Spanish speakers launched Wednesday, March 19. The ".uno" domain, one of the Internet's new web address suffixes helping to sort out the ever-expanding web, is looking to become the one place for "El Internet en Español." We talked with Shaul Jolles, CEO of Dot Latin LLC, the company behind .uno.
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New Latin Focused .UNO Domain Available to the Public on March 19

The internet is about to get a lot bigger, come mid-March, when another batch of gTLDs (generic top level domains: various alternatives for the ".com" or ".org" that follows a web address) hit the public. On March 19, one of those gTLDs up for grabs is .UNO, the first dedicated domain for Spanish-speakers.
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SXSW Interactive 2014: A Change in Focus, Tone with Darker Tech Topics and International Scope, Including Latin American Startups

South by Southwest Interactive has always been seen as the hip place to go to learn about the next big Silicon Valley startup, but the tone and focus has changed a little this year. The festival is toning down the "trendy" and enlarging its international focus, along with taking on some serious issues in technology.

Why Facebook is Buying WhatsApp for $19 Billion: Mobile and Emerging Markets

Facebook has decided to make its largest purchase ever with the acquisition of popular messaging service WhatsApp. Why did this messaging app fetch one of the largest sums in the web industry's recent history? Here are a few reasons.
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Why ICANN's Explosion of Domain Extensions Will Help Existing Competitors of ".Com": Exclusive Interview with ".CO" CEO Juan Diego Calle

The internet is about to erupt with thousands of new domain name extensions, supplementing the familiar ".com" with new website address endings from ".company" to ".photography." Juan Diego Calle, CEO of ".CO", a preexisting domain focused on startups, tells LatinPost why he's not scared of the sudden increase in competing web suffixes.

Average Global Internet Speeds Increase: What About the U.S. and Latin America?

A new report on the state of the interent is out, showing a large increase in the average broadband bandwidth across the world. So how does the U.S. and Latin America fare in the global rankings?
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