Bay Area Hospital Workers On The Frontlines Of COVID-19 Pandemic

LA Sees Decline in Latino Coronavirus Deaths

Los Angeles County health officials found promising numbers in their fights against the novel coronavirus on Wednesday, especially in deaths among Latinos.
A medical staff of a general practitioner adjusts her googles before she walks to a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) test center set up outside a doctor's office in Berlin

Doctors Encounter a High Number of Coronavirus Patients in Madrid

Doctors believe that the growing number of infected individuals is not going to end soon.

Here's Why Bystander CPR is Less Common in Hispanic Neighborhoods

If your heart stops in a Hispanic neighborhood, you're less likely to receive CPR and less likely to survive, according to a recent study.
Disparities in the Diverse Population of the United States of America

Health Disparities in the Diverse Population of the United States

The health disparities of minority groups in the US.

Hispanic Men Least Likely to Dial 911 Following a Stroke

During a stroke, the blood supply to a portion of the brain is interrupted, causing a severe reduction of oxygen, nutrients and glucose, resulting in the sudden death of brain cells. Already, two-thirds of U.S. sufferers of stroke fail to call emergency services when a stroke occurs, but Hispanics are far more resistant to dialing 911 for assistance, according to new research.
Health worker holds a vaccine

HIV/AIDS Treatment & Cure Update 2015: Researchers Discover HIV Vaccine After First-Ever Human Trial Using Antibody-Based Therapy

In the past, research has been conducted on genetically engineered mice and non-human primates, but a new trial was the first to test antibody-based therapy on humans. affordable care act Obamacare health insurance

As Obamacare Open Enrollment Deadline Looms, Plan Selections, Spanish Representatives Calls Rise

The second open enrollment period of and state-based health insurance marketplaces is set to conclude this weekend, and sign-ups have increased following a minor slump.
affordable care act obamacare health care insurance ACA

Obamacare Subsidies Invalid in States Not Running State-Based Health Insurance Exchange, Oklahoma Federal Judge Rules

An Oklahoma federal judge ruled against the federal government providing health care subsidies. The health subsidies were in the form of tax credits from the IRS as a result of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.
Health and Human Services, Treasury Departments Working to Help Tax Filing Season Due to Affordable Care Act

Uninsured Rates Drop Among Young and Low-Income Latinos After First ACA Enrollment Period

The number of uninsured Latinos has dropped in the U.S., and credit is being given to the Affordable Care Act.

Mexico Becomes Fatter Than the U.S. After Adopting "American-sized" Portions

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) published a study that reveals that Argentina has eradicated national hunger, but it also ranks as the third highest Latin American country in obesity.
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