Bad Bunny, biggest pop star selfies

Bad Bunny Hailed as the Biggest Pop Star in the World

Bad Bunny leads the world as the biggest pop star based on ticket sales, concert grosses, album sales, Spotify streams, Instagram interactions, and YouTube views.
Disney’s Influence on These Latina Star’s Career Boost

Disney Boosted These Young Latina Stars' Careers

Learn about how Disney contributed to the growth of these Latina stars.

Need-to-Know Stars and Their Makeup Brands

Find out here about the makeup Lines of famous Latino artists.

Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias Team Up for a Brand New Tour

Ricku Martin and Enrique Iglesias will team-up for North American Tours with Sebastian Yatra as the special guest.
Eva Mendez

2020 Best Latino Fashion Icons, So Far

Find out here about the best Latino fashion icons in 2020.
Mexican Muralists and Their Inspiration to American Artists

How Mexican Muralists Influence American Art

Find out here the influence of Mexican muralists on American art.

7 Must-See Latino Exhibitions You Can Visit This 2020

Looking for art and culture exhibitions that you can visit for free? Savor your thirst for artworks with these Latino exhibitions happening in the first half of the year.
Latin Artists make it to Top Charts in Multiple Streaming Platforms

Latin Artists Make It to the Top of the Charts on Vevo 2019

Many Latin Artists included in the top lists of Charts by many streaming platforms.
Here Are Some Latino Exhibits Featured in Art Basel and Other Events This Miami Art Week

Miami Art Week Exhibits Latino Artists, Culture and Style

As Miami Art Week commences, so are the exciting events and shows that celebrate art. Some of them feature Latino and Latin American artists.
Actors from the different race but Latinx remain to have the smallest participation in Hollywood.

Latinos in Hollywood Are Becoming Rare, Study Shows

Study shows that Latinos in Hollywood remain underrepresented these days.
Juan Sánchez

Juan Sánchez, Iconic Nuyorican Artist, Presents Solo Exhibition in Brooklyn

BRIC, the Brooklyn-based space for contemporary art, performing arts and community media programs, is currently displaying the work of influential Latino artist and Nuyorican cultural figure Juan Sánchez. His solo exhibit, ¿What's The Meaning of This?, opened on Nov. 6, and will continue through Dec. 27.
Oswaldo Guayasamín

Art in Motion: Guayasamín’s Ecuador Unframed on Display at Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Oswaldo Guayasamín, the acclaimed Ecuadoran artist, may be gone but his art lives on. A travelling interactive exhibit featuring the artist's work is on display at the Southwestern Oklahoma State University, starting Nov. 11, continuing through Dec. 21.
Taína Caragol smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

Engaging Latinos Through Art: Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery Latino Art Curator Taína Caragol

As the curator of Latino art and history at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, Taína Caragol has been shining a spotlight on the contributions of U.S. Latinos in American history and links the historical interactions between Latin America and the U.S. through the 19th Century to the present.

Latino Art Group Urges the Inclusion of a National Smithsonian American Latino Museum Through a 2014 Campaign Design Contest

Latinos have made some very important contributions to the culture, history, and heritage of the United States -- and The Friends of the American Latino Museum are rallying for their acknowledgement through its 2014 Campaign Design Contest.

New York City's El Museo del Barrio Fosters the Growth of Aspiring Latino Artists

New York City is one of the greatest art capitals of the world and houses some of the most coveted works in top-tier museums and galleries. Among them is New York El Museo del Barrio, which has celebrated the talents of Latino artists, putting them on the map in the art world on a local and global scale.

Latin American Art is a Hot Commodity in Miami: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, London & Paris Also Want to Turn up the Heat

Miami Beach, Fla. is known for its nightlife, good food and tanned and toned beach-goers, but it's taking on another dimension on an artistic level. During a time when "interest has never been higher" for Latin American art, the vibrant, coastal city is embracing the Latin movement by opening its latest museum, the Pérez Art Museum Miami on Dec. 4.
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