Risks for Latinos in California From The Coronavirus

Risks for Latinos in California From The Coronavirus

Read on to find out about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic to Latinos in California and how the state is handling the situation.
Energy Efficiency Industry: Lowering Energy Consumption and Lowering Utility Bills amid COVID-19 for People of Color

Energy Efficiency Sector: Lowering Utility Bills to Create Jobs Amid COVID-19

The energy efficiency sector helps households and businesses to lessen their energy consumption. People in the energy efficiency sector are left with the problem of how they can continue their services and avoid close contact with customers.

Sedentary, Inactive Hispanics Face Increased Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

U.S. Hispanics/Latinos who are frequently inactive face increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, even if they exercise regularly, according to recently published research.

Latino Unemployment Rate Slips, But Fewer Engaged in Labor Force

As the overall U.S. unemployment rate fell, the Latino unemployment rate also dropped but fewer Latinos are participating in the labor force.
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TURNOUT: Martin O'Malley on Latinos' Top Issues: Immigration, Education, Economy, and Healthcare

Based on Latino Decisions' latest study, more than 13 million Latinos will vote in the 2016 presidential election, and Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley has made strides on connecting with the voting bloc by issues to the community.
Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush's 'People Need to Work More Hours' Comment Clarified, But Risks Latino Vote

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush raised some eyebrows on Wednesday when he suggested people should “work more hours” to improve the country’s economy.
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NCLR Educational Programs to Help Young Latinos and Millenials Swarm the Finanial Services Sector

Hispanic/Latino banks, analysts, investors and tellers are noticeably absent from the financial sector. However, programs designed by one of the nation's largest advocates for la raza should help to swarm the financial services sector with capable young Latinos.
New Study Names San Francisco As Most Expensive To Buy A Home

Top Cities for Jobs 2015: Raleigh, North Carolina Paves the Way

The newly published list that features the nation's top cities for employment opportunities excludes many big cities. This fact can be accredited to smaller cities' position as a low-cost alternative for large companies. Those areas boost a lower cost of living than heavily populated cities.

Houston, Austin and Tulsa: Best & Worst Cities for Millennials and New Graduates to Start a Career

Everything seems expensive nowadays, particularly when you're a freshly graduated millennial burdened with student loan debt, while you're simultaneously searching to start a life in a city that has job opportunities and an affordable cost of living. Luckily, a new report was published that illustrates which cities likely offer prosperous careers.

Death on the Job More Likely for U.S. Latinos and Immigrants Than Other Groups

"Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect," a newly published report, found that U.S. Hispanic/Latino workers are 18 percent more likely to be killed on the job than workers of any other racial/ethnic group. Furthermore, immigrants face greater risk.
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Latino Millennials Optimistic About Future as Unemployment Figures Drop

Employment in the U.S. has been capricious of late, but the economic assault dealt by The Great Recession only helped to stagger job opportunities and heighten unemployment rates, particularly for non-whites. That said, new job numbers show that last month saw a decrease in Latino unemployment.
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US Jobs Report: Latinos 'Actively' Seeking Employment, Unemployment Grows to 7.8 Percent

The U.S. Department of Labor released June's jobs figures, and it has been considered a "strong" month except for Latinos.
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