Latino Families are Struggling with Remote Learning

Latino Families Now Struggle with Remote Learning

Different schools are now starting the year through remote or hybrid learning plans. Several Latino families said they are struggling when it comes to teaching their children.
The lawsuit says, households believed that the said contract necessitated all homeowners in California to install solar panels by 2020.

Latino Communities in Oakland Target of Solar Panel Finance Scheme Fraud

A lawsuit alleged recently that solar panel companies targeted Latino homeowners and Spanish speakers in Oakland in a finance scheme fraud.
The local and state officials would talk about and the essentiality of finishing the federal questionnaire to make sure the area is receiving the maximum the government funding can allot for them.

Distributing Food with a Different Approach: Educating Latino Families about the 2020 Census

A group in Elgin is in search of new ways to promote early literacy and share more information with Latino families regarding participation in the 2020 Census during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Tips To Win The Heart of Your Girlfriend’s Latina Mom

Tips To Win The Heart of Your Girlfriend’s Latina Mom

Read on to find out about the ways on how to get the approval of your girlfriend’s Latina mom.
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"Latinos" and the Digital Divide: It's Complicated -- Report

Often the Digital Divide -- the gulf between those online and those who don't or can't access the Internet -- is described as one of the challenges affecting Latinos in the U.S. But everyone knows that demographic terms are broad and inexact, and that's especially true with the word "Latino," which is a catchall word for the most diverse and quickly-growing demographic in the U.S.
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English Language Literacy in Immigrant Parents Is Important for Early Childhood Education, Report Says

More than any others, children in immigrant households are the least likely to enroll their children in federal and state preschool programs, due mainly to language and literacy barriers.

Latino Elders' Needs are Best Uncovered During the Holiday Season

Often, because family members don't have spare time to assess the health of their elders or to visit, they neglect the obligation. The holiday season, however, poses the perfect opportunity for family members to sit, and question their elders about their concerns or discomfort, as family gathers for the season.
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