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University of California Admits Most Diverse Freshman Class Yet, Led by Latino Students

For the first time in University of California’s history, Latino students are now the biggest ethnic group of the university’s incoming freshman class.
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Fewer US Students Seek Federal Aid for College Amid Pandemic

The sudden closure of school buildings led to decline in the number of students applying for U.S. federal college aid.

Top 4 Technology Schools for Latinos in the US

These are among the best schools for Latinos in the United States that help hone their skill in technology and support them through scholarships.
The local and state officials would talk about and the essentiality of finishing the federal questionnaire to make sure the area is receiving the maximum the government funding can allot for them.

Distributing Food with a Different Approach: Educating Latino Families about the 2020 Census

A group in Elgin is in search of new ways to promote early literacy and share more information with Latino families regarding participation in the 2020 Census during the COVID-19 lockdown.
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'Post-Pandemic Future': Hispanic Institutions Ensuring Latino Jobs

Hispanic-serving institutions are doing their best to help Latinos and Hispanics enrolled in their schools get a better future after the pandemic.

Latinos May Face Long-Term Homeschooling in California

Millions of Latino and Hispanic parents in California were surprised after Gov. Newsom announced that schools may be closed until the end of the school year.

High School Teacher Tells Latino Student: "Go Back to Your Country"

Students in a Chicago high school held a sit-in protest after a teacher's alleged racist remark.
Northwest is Recruiting More Hispanic and Latino Students

Northwest is Recruiting More Hispanic and Latino Students

Northwest Missouri is now looking for more Hispanic and Latino students and will provide more scholarship and aids.
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Top 10 Universities that Attract Latino Students

Here are the top 10 universities that attract Latino students based on the 2017 U.S. news annual survey.

Total Roll Call: Attendance App Connects Teachers & Parents to Curb Student Truancy

Teachers have a hard time getting students to show up to class, much less on time, especially in underserved communities. Now there's an app that helps educators keep kids on track, by taking a new approach to the old ritual of taking attendance.

Researchers Bypass 'Big-Name' Cities to Look at Latino Students in Public Education Elsewhere

The Center on Reinventing Public Education produced a report October 7 that paints a vivid picture of public education throughout the nation, particularly for student of color and low-income students. The report also identified promising results.
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Latino Students in Illinois Lead the Nation in AP Exam Participation

Hispanic/Latino students in Illinois are leading the nation when it comes to participation in Advanced Placement examinations, according to a national report.

STEM-Focused Educational and Occupational Opportunities are Important for Latino Youth: Here's Why

STEM-focused educational and occupational opportunities are vital for Latinos, who traditionally lag behind whites and Asians when it comes to science, technology, engineering and mathematical excellence.

Minority Students to Outnumber White Students This Fall

For the first time in U.S. history, minority students will outnumber white students this fall.

School Uniforms and Dress Code Policies Most Likely to Target Females, Latinos and Black Students

The enforcement of dress codes, implemented under the guise of discipline and lessons on formal dress, are most likely to be implemented at low-income public schools, and female students and students of color are the most likely to be punished for infractions.
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Undocumented Students Most Likely to Drop Out Due to Lack of Engagement at School and Home

Low expectations from teachers, an absence of parental involvement and irregular access to a home computer contribute to high dropout rates and school disengagement. According to surveys, disconnection at home and in school feeds a significant achievement gap.
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