Undocumented Immigrants Cross Into The United States From Mexico

Excluding Undocumented Immigrants From Social Safety Net Affects Documented Latinos Too

The lack of a social safety net is a challenge for undocumented immigrant families and contributes to inequality. A new study found that immigrant Latino families being excluded from public assistance not only increases the childhood poverty rate, but affects documented Latino children as well.

Digital Divide: 'Under-Connected' the New Challenge for Low-Income Latino Families - Study

A new study from the Joan Ganz Cooney center, an independence research lab that focuses on modern challenges to children's education, has revealed that of all low-income families, Latino immigrant families are more likely to be under-connected or not connected to the Internet at all. More broadly, the problem of being under-connected still faces many families on the other side of the digital divide.
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NALEO Education Fund Wants to Help Millions Become Naturalized Citizens

A pro-immigrant rights organization is gearing up to help millions of eligible lawful permanent residents become naturalized citizens throughout the month of September.
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"Latinos" and the Digital Divide: It's Complicated -- Report

Often the Digital Divide -- the gulf between those online and those who don't or can't access the Internet -- is described as one of the challenges affecting Latinos in the U.S. But everyone knows that demographic terms are broad and inexact, and that's especially true with the word "Latino," which is a catchall word for the most diverse and quickly-growing demographic in the U.S.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Un-Spams Your News Feed, Zuckerberg Gives Back, and Snapchat CEO Apologizes

This week in social media, Facebook readjusted its News Feed algorithms again, Mark Zuckerberg gave money to local schools that will disproportionately help nearby Latino families, Twitter might finally be done with its wild Wall Street ride, and Snapchat’s CEO apologized for being a jerk in college. It’s time for Social Media Saturday!
National Hispanic University

National Hispanic University Announces It's Closing in 2015

America's first full-term, accredited university focused specifically on Latinos will close its doors at the end of the academic calendar next year. The National Hispanic University in San Jose, California announced on Thursday that its run is over, after recent online initiatives failed to improve its finances.
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