National Hispanic Media Coalition NHMC Partnership with Univision, Televisa

National Hispanic Media Coalition Teams Up With Latino Media to Boost Diversity

The National Hispanic Media Coalition announced this week it had created a new coalition with a few major Latino media businesses and organizations in an effort to boost Latino diversity in media and technology.
Latino, tablet, Microsoft Pulse State of the Union 2016

How Microsoft Helped NBC Universo & Telemundo Take Latinos' 'Pulse' During SOTU

The State of the Union presented an opportunity for Microsoft to expand its reach with tech-savvy Latinos, as it launched the Spanish version of Microsoft Pulse in partnership with NBC Universo and Telemundo.
Javier Garcia, VP and General Manager of Comcast Multicultural Services

Javier Garcia Engineers Connections Between Culture, Entertainment, and Technology

This September, Comcast updated X1 with software designed specifically for bicultural Latinos. Dubbed "X1 en Español," it introduced a Spanish-language version the X1 interface, featuring voice control in Spanish, and the X1's voice recognition can now understand a broad range of Latino accents.
OTT Streaming Attitudes Latinos, Horowitz Research 2015 study

Latinos Still Leading Digital Entertainment Trends, But the Gap is Closing

Latinos are still over-indexing as a digital entertainment audience above other ethnic demographics and above the general population as a whole. But the study also shows the gap between leading digital Latinos, and everyone else, is starting to close.
MiTú Network's Beatriz Acevedo, Marketplace

MARKETPLACE: Beatriz Acevedo's Key to Success with MiTú? Let Young Latino Creators Do What They Want

If you haven't heard of the MiTú network yet, you will. Starting as a collection of YouTube lifestyle channels aimed at Latino viewers in 2012, MiTúhas grown its reach across new and old media, as well as its audience and its influence, to become the largest Latino entertainment network worldwide.
Horatio Sanz

Más Mejor Hub to Bring Millennial Latino Comedy to Digital World

"Saturday Night Live" alums Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen are teaming up to launch "Más Mejor," a Latino comedy hub designed to meet the millennial generation where they live: online.

Latino Millennials Are Most Valuable TV Consumers, and More From Hispanic Millennial Project

Latinos are the most valuable segment of TV watchers in the millennial generation, findings from a new study indicate.
Blacks and Latinos getting News from YouTube

Digital Divide Fades Among Millennial Social Media & News Consumers

Latinos and black millennials are technologically connected and consume social media and news content at similar levels to their White counterparts and the national average, according to a new poll by the American Press Institute and The Associated Press.
More Latinos Using Mobile Devices, Using Internet For News

Latinos Still Owning Key Digital Technology User Trends

A 2015 study of Latinos' digital habits confirms that U.S. Hispanic consumers are still leading key technology and digital trends.
latino, latina, smartphone, technology, internet

Speaking English, Watching TV in Spanish: Forthcoming 'Hispanic Millennial Project' Study is Full of Surprises

Media, technology, and advertising companies have had their eyes on millennial Latinos for quite some time, since young Latinos in particular represent a wave of consumer power comparable to the boomer generation -- not to mention that seemingly every study and survey finds new ways in which they are "ahead of the curve."
latino, latina, smartphone, technology, internet

Latinos That Stream Their Entertainment Do it a Lot, and it's Changing the Marketplace for Everyone

The latest study shows Latinos still dominate the over-the-top (OTT) Internet streaming entertainment market, and adds new insights about the differences (and similarities) between Spanish-dominant and English-speaking or bilingual households.
DISH Network Sling TV: Sling Latino

Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch Talks Sling Latino, Internet TV, and Apple [Exclusive]

Last week, DISH Network's Internet TV service Sling TV launched two low-cost stand-alone base packages curated for Latinos, called Sling Latino.

With Sling Latino Launch, Sling TV Looks to Become the Top Choice for Cord-Cutting Latino Families

The first true Internet TV OTT (over-the-top) streaming subscription service in the U.S., DirecTV's Yaveo, was aimed squarely at Latinos. Now that audience of tech-savvy cord cutters has proved valuable enough for the budding industry's leader, DISH's Sling TV, to create its own special Latino branded service.
Latino Parents, internet, tv, media and education

"Latinos" and the Digital Divide: It's Complicated -- Report

Often the Digital Divide -- the gulf between those online and those who don't or can't access the Internet -- is described as one of the challenges affecting Latinos in the U.S. But everyone knows that demographic terms are broad and inexact, and that's especially true with the word "Latino," which is a catchall word for the most diverse and quickly-growing demographic in the U.S.
DirecTV Sofia Vergara at Super Saturday night

DirecTV Leads Off Internet TV Race with Univision's YaVeo Latino Content

Latino audiences might lead the way towards TV over the Internet.
Univision CEO Randy Falco

Comcast/TWC Merger: Univision Says Merger Could Be 'Bad for Hispanic Audiences'

The proposed takeover of Time Warner Cable (the nation's second largest cable provider) by Comcast (the first) has attracted criticism and consternation from media advocates, as well as some companies like Netflix and Charter. As of this week, you can Latino television giant Univision to the list of companies that are concerned about the merger.
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