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It's Internship Season: Is Expanding Diversity at the Lowest Level Enough?

Silicon Valley is working to expand the reach of introductory-level work to a more diverse pool of talent. But are diversity internship initiatives the silver bullet for the tech industry's persistent homogeneity?
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White House Expands TechHire STEM Education Initiative; Is It Coming to Your Area?

Ahead of South by Southwest, President Obama has announced the expansion of the federal initiative to boost high-tech education in America called TechHire.
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Facebook Upgrades Tech Center for Latino Students, Partners With LULAC

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) held an open house to celebrate and show off an upgrade to its San Francisco technology center at Mission Graduates, a result of the organization's ongoing partnership with Facebook.
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Diversity in STEM: Obama Announces $4 Billion 'Computer Science for All' Initiative

Over the weekend, President Obama announced he was pledging $4 billion in funding to boost computer science education in the nation's schools as part of the Computer Science for All Initiative.

Latinos and STEM Education: Nuestro Futuro Latino Education Conference Spurs Students Toward High Tech Careers

While there is a dearth of diversity in Silicon Valley, high-tech industries in the U.S. are expanding at such a rapid clip that employers are having trouble finding enough talent in the U.S. to meet their needs. One conference over the weekend aimed to encourage young Latinos and Latinas be a part of the solution to both problems, by setting their sights early on 21st century career paths.
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Diversity in Tech: Obama's TechHire Kicks Into Gear With $100M Grant Competition

As big Silicon Valley firms up their efforts to diversify their mostly white, male workforces, the Obama administration's TechHire initiative has begun taking applications for grants from a $100 million fund to help boost the development of IT skills in overlooked communities.
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Facebook Launches TechPrep, Hub to Help Grow STEM Diversity Pipeline

Facebook's TechPrep hopes to boost diversity in technology by empowering underrepresented minority students and their parents to get involved in computer science.
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Diversity in Tech: Intel Shows Small Signs of Progress Six Months into #Parity2020 Pledge

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Intel made a historic pledge to reach full representation of minorities in its company in the next five years, better known as #Parity2020.
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Educational Choices Among Students of Different Races Contributes to Lack of Diversity in STEM Workforce

The National Center for Education Statistics published the latest update for their 2009 High School Transcript Study, which revealed blatant differences in how students of different genders and races earn STEM credits during high school.
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Top 25 Colleges Graduating Latinos in STEM

To meet our workforce and economic needs, America must accelerate degree completion generally and particularly in STEM fields
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Diversity in Tech: 2015 STEM Index Indicates Positive Trends for Minorities in STEM, But Race, Gender Gap Worsens

New data from the 2015 STEM Index, the second-annual study of growth in STEM jobs, careers and educational pathways carried out by U.S. News/Raytheon shows Silicon Valley's lack of diversity is still rooted in education, as the gender and racial gaps in STEM fields have widened since last year.
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LATISM '15: Latino Tech group to Focus on Diversity, Jobs, and Policy at 7th Annual Convention

Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media, or LATISM, announced it will be holding its seventh annual national convention in late October. With the national election one year away, the theme of this year's LATISM'15 gathering in Washington D.C. will be "Igniting Latinos to Drive the Innovation Economy."
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The District of Columbia Produces the Largest Minority Reading and Math Proficiency Gaps in the Nation

The District of Columbia produces the largest reading and math proficiency gaps in the nation, in regards to white 4th graders and their non-white Hispanic and black counterparts, while the opposite is true of states like Louisiana.

Diversity in Tech: How to Attract More Minority Students into Tech Careers? Start By Asking Them!

If you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, when a cavalcade of Silicon Valley workplace transparency reports were released, here's the news: Most high tech jobs and leadership positions tend to be held by white men.
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Diversity in Tech: Latino Startup Alliance, Black Girls Code Launching STEM Program for Latinas

The lack of diversity in Silicon Valley has been a recent topic of concern, as large tech companies Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and, most recently, Facebook release not-so-stellar diversity statistics. One thing has become clear from the recent influx of diversity reports from these companies (each of which deserves credit for at least starting the conversation): White men rule Silicon Valley.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Un-Spams Your News Feed, Zuckerberg Gives Back, and Snapchat CEO Apologizes

This week in social media, Facebook readjusted its News Feed algorithms again, Mark Zuckerberg gave money to local schools that will disproportionately help nearby Latino families, Twitter might finally be done with its wild Wall Street ride, and Snapchat’s CEO apologized for being a jerk in college. It’s time for Social Media Saturday!
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