Law Enforcement Anti-Bias Training

National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum Puts Spotlight on Law Enforcement Anti-Bias Training

The importance and effectiveness of the law enforcement anti-bias training were discussed in a virtual panel discussion dubbed as the "Spotlight On Law Enforcement Anti-Bias Programs" hosted by the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum on August 10.
isla Vista Shootings

California Lawmakers Introduce Gun Control Legislation

California lawmakers announced Tuesday that they plan to propose gun control legislation that places restraints on gun-violence in order to prevent future massacres much like what happened last week in Isla Vista, California.
Rio Grande

Texas' Rio Grande Valley Operates as a Major Marijuana and Drug Smuggling Corridor

Federal law enforcement agencies have struggled to reduce the amount of marijuana smuggled into the country through the U.S.-Mexico border while the Rio Grande poses as its biggest challenge.

Afro-Latina Teen Held in Adult Prison for 3 Weeks Because She's Under Foster Care

Selina Garcia, a 17-year old foster child and high school student in North Carolina, has just been released after spending 3 weeks in prison for getting into a school brawl.

Mexican Drug Cartels Look For Other Lucrative Schemes

While illegal drug production and smuggling is what cartels are primarily known for, a recent "Associated Press" report reveals that numerous cartels in Mexico have found alternate ways of making money illegally.
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