'Don't Be Evil': Google to Ban Payday Loan Industry From AdWords Next Month

Google has decided to stop showing advertising from the payday loan industry, saying that it is banning ads for payday loans and similar high-interest rate financial products starting July 13.
Global CO2 Levels Reach Unprecedented Monthly Highs

More Green: Why Energy Efficiency Matters to Low Income Latinos, Urban Minorities

Energy efficiency in cities is more than an environmental issue for low-income Latinos and other urban minorities: it could help stretched family budgets.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

FCC Finalizes Lifeline Modernization Proposal to Fix Digital Divide

Even in the age of seemingly ubiquitous Internet access in the U.S. there remains a persistent gap between those who can and cannot afford access to Internet connections and associated hardware. Known as the "digital divide," the FCC has a new plan to tackle the problem, and the vote on that plan is coming up soon.
President Obama

Obama's Three-Part Attack on the Digital Divide and the New Paradigm of Universal Internet Connectivity

The Obama administration has taken several steps in the past few months to expand high-speed Internet connectivity to more low-income Americans, including many Latinos, who remain on the inauspicious side of the "digital divide."
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

The FCC's Latest Vote May Help Low-Income Americans, and Millions of Latinos, Get Home Broadband Internet

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to consider a plan that would modernize Lifeline -- a long-running FCC program that provides subsidies for phone service to underprivileged households -- to include broadband internet.

Study: Latinos Without High School Diploma Earn More Than Other Minorities, But Still Likely to be Poor

Ethnicity and race plays a role when it comes to poverty, wage gapes and low-income status. In addition to those factors, educational attainment, family structure, career access and childcare costs all affect how low-income and impoverished families fare in this nation.
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