2016 Dakar Rally - Day Seven

All Eyes on Argentina as Stocks Continue to Rise

Investors who have lost faith in Argentina’s economic conditions may have a change of heart soon. Under President Mauricio Macri’s rule, the country is bouncing back from decades of stagnancy.
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Why Former Argentine Nobel Peace Prize Winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel Does Not Want Obama to Visit Argentina on March 24

A former Argentine Nobel Peace Prize Winner disagreed over U.S. President Barack Obama’s planned visit to Argentina on March 24.
Protest Posters Commemorating The One Month Anniversary of his Death

Argentine President Mauricio Macri Promises Justice for Dead Prosecutor Alberto Nisman

Argentina’s recently elected leader, Mauricio Macri, intends to make certain that that justice is served in the case of the State Prosecutor Alberto Nisman mysterious death.

2 Former Argentine Transportation Secretaries Jailed for Involvement in 2012 Train Crash

Two former Argentine transportation secretaries have been given prison sentences due actions tied to a 2012 train crash in which 51 people died and hundreds 789 were injured.
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