HempCon 2011 Medical Marijuana Expo Held In Los Angeles

Long Beach Council Woman Push Educational Campaign As Medical Marijuana Returns

Long Beach city officials to launch an education outreach campaign that explains the health and safety risks of marijuana use.

Congress Votes to Stop Federal Government and DEA From Interfering With States' Medical Marijuana Laws

For the first time in U.S. history, Congress approved a measure that would prohibit the federal government from interfering with states' medical marijuana laws.
A marijuana leaf.

Apple Removes Marijuana Dealing Game From App Store but Keeps Other Weed Themed Games

A new app game for smartphones where the user plays the role of a marijuana dealer was growing in popularity until Apple reportedly removed the game from the iTunes App Store this week, according to the game's creators.
Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Illinois may Legalize Medical Marijuana for Minors With Epilepsy but They Can't Smoke It

Minors with epilepsy may soon be allowed to legally use medical marijuana in Illinois. Yesterday, the House passed the bill.
Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Minnesota Legalizes Medical Marijuana With Restrictions

New York could be next.

Illinois Scraps Gun Ban On Medical Marijuana Users

A controversial policy proposal in Illinois that would have banned medicinal marijuana users from owning a firearm was scrapped Friday after advocates for Second Amendment rights and marijuana proponents urged lawmakers against the proposal.

Medical Marijuana Ballot Measure And Constitutional Amendment Gathers Steam In Florida

Laws would regulate requirements for doctors and conditions of treatment

Marijuana Studies Thwarted By Government, Politics?

While millions of ordinary American citizens in 20 states and the nation's Capitol can legally purchase medical marijuana at the nearest dispensary and those living in Washington state and Colorado can purchase the drug recreationally, scientists and researchers find themselves out of the loop.

70% of Republicans and 87% of Democrats Support Marijuana Legalization in Florida

There is wide support across the board for the initiative to legalize medical marijuana

Los Angeles Mayor-Elect Eric Garcetti Will Not Oppose Casual Marijuana Use

The soon-to-be mayor of the City of Angels said in an interview Sunday that he would have no problem with even more lax marijuana laws in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Voters Approve Tighter Regulations On Medical Marijuana

An overwhelming majority of voters chose "Yes" on Measure D, slashing the number of dispensaries in the city.
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