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Ballon d'Or 2017 Predictions: Why Messi & Ronaldo Both Will Win One Best Player of the Year Award After FIFA / France Football Split

Messi and Ronaldo will both win an individual award this year after the FIFA / France Football Split.
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La Liga Top Goal Scorer 2016-17: Predicting Pichichi Front-Runners; Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Neymar & Griezmann Top Contenders

A year ago Luis Suarez shocked the world by topping Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the top scorer in the Spanish League. For years that was the domain of the world's top players but with the trend now broken there is an ample opportunity to see someone new take the crown as Spain most prolific goal scorer. Here is a look at the potential candidates to win the Pichichi in 2016-17.
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Messi vs. Ronaldo 2016: Ronaldo Proves Stronger Leader Than Rival in Euro 2016 Final

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo both contested a major tournament this year. Both managed to get to the final.
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Ballon d'Or 2017 Predictions: Lionel Messi Might Be in Decline After Mediocre 2015-16 Season

Is Lionel Messi declining already?
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For Ballon d'Or 2017, Which Declining Superstar Had the Better 2015-16 Season Overall: Messi vs. Ronaldo?

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are rivals for the ages and will be linked together as long as they are both in the game. As expected, both had solid seasons for their respective clubs coming away with crucial trophies that they were major parts of. But which player had a better 2015-16 season? Here is a look from a wide range of angles.
Luis Suarez is likely to win the Pichichi Award this year.

Here's Why Luis Suarez Is Becoming the Man to Beat Messi, Ronaldo For Pichichi

Luis Suarez is that man and by all accounts he is going to be Spain's top scorer. He is currently running away with the contest leading Cristiano Ronaldo by three goals and Messi by nine.
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Cristiano Ronaldo Overtakes Lionel Messi As Clasico, Champions League Favorite With Clutch Performances

Ronaldo is now the Ballon d'Or favorite and could cement that trophy is his team wins the UCL.
Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona - La Liga

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona in April 2016 Game Features Messi vs. Ronaldo Clashing in their Primes; Here is the Prediction, Streaming Info and Time

Real Madrid and Barcelona face off in the biggest soccer match of the year. The game, which kicks off at 2:30 PM EST at the Camp Nou in Barcelona, is filled with a plethora of storylines that have fans salivating. Mes
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Messi vs. Ronaldo - Which Superstar Is More Effective in Champions League Knockout Rounds?

A look at how Messi and Ronaldo stack up in the CHampions League knockout rounds. It might be what you think it is.
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Messi vs. Ronaldo 2015-16: Ballon d'Or Winner Scores Big Goal; Rival Scores 3

It was another eventful week for Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi with the latter participating in two more matches on the week against the single one by his great rival.
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Messi vs. Ronaldo 2015-16: Ballon d'Or Winner Nets Penalty; Rival Scores 2

Lionel Messi was crowned the Ballon d'Or winner this past Monday before embarking on two straight games to help retain his crown and help his team to be its best. Cristiano Ronaldo meanwhile got back to work, looking to ward off a slow start to 2016.

Ballon d'Or 2016 Analysis: Why Lionel Messi Won Fifth Award

Lionel Messi won his first Ballon d'Or, cementing himself as the only player to win as many individual awards. He had already made the record books with his fourth win back in 2012, but Cristiano Ronaldo had crept within one with two straight wins in 2013 and 2014. However, that mountain will be harder to climb now for the Portuguese player who is seemingly starting his decline.
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Messi vs. Ronaldo Ballon d'Or 2016: Messi Dominates With Hat Trick; Ronaldo Misfires

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi had to big games this weekend with each having major points to prove. Messi was looking to continue his top form while Ronaldo sought to get back on the goalscoring column.
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Messi vs. Ronaldo 2015-16 Ballon d'Or: Superstars Start New Year Quietly

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo initiated their 2016 campaign with two crucial games.
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Messi vs. Ronaldo 2015-16 Ballon d'Or: Ronaldo Scores Big Goal for Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi each played their final game of 2015 for their respective clubs, pulling off big victories.
Messi vs. Ronaldo

Messi vs Ronaldo 2015-16 Ballon d'Or: Messi Scores in FIFA Club World Cup; Ronald Scores in Controversial Game

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi each got time in yet another game this week, albeit in rather different circumstances. While Ronaldo played in the Spanish League, Messi was off in Japan competing in the FIFA Club World Cup.
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