Shaping the World: Things You Probably Don't Know About Mexico's Contributions to Humanity

There are many things that everyone should know about how Mexico played a very important role in the history of humanity and its contribution to the world.
Mexican culture

One of a Kind: The Unique Mexican Culture

Mexican culture is diverse. Its combination of various cultures is what makes Mexicans good friends to have.

The Witch of Texcoco: Traditional Mexican Music To Empower Transwomen

Transwomen La Bruja inspires people with her traditional music as she empowers femininity and dreams.
Mexican Flag

Mexico's Languages in the Brink of Extinction

One of Mexico's most possessed treasures is in danger of becoming extinct.
File:The Mythology of all races (1918) (14760888744)

Mexican Mythological Creatures

Myth and superstitious creatures that have lived through generations.
Employees operating at a coal mine

Iowa History Month: Celebrating the Rise of Mexican and Latino Influence

March is a time to march forward, but it is also the perfect time to look back at the rich Iowan history involving the Latin community.
Deer, Beaded Huichol Art, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Beginner’s Guide to Mexican Folk Art

Known as the land of the master craftsman, there is no region in Mexico without its own distinct art that combines color, culture and functionality into one statement piece.
Mexico Facts

Mexico’s Unusual Cultures and Unknown Facts

While everyone usually associates Mexico with tacos and burritos, Mexico also has unusual cultures most people don’t know
Don’t Do These Things When Visiting Mexico

Do Not Do These Things When Visiting Mexico

To avoid mishaps, here is a list of things you must not do when visiting Mexico.
Top 7 Historic Sites in Mexico

Mexico's Most Famous, Must-See Historic Sites

Travel through time and experience Mexico's history with the top seven historic sites in Mexico!

University of Texas at San Antonio Preserves Mexican Culture with Largest Cookbook Collection

Echoing the importance of history, culture, and tradition in Mexico households... food. Mexicans love food; always have and always will -- and that love of food has been documented and captured in Mexican music, artwork and businesses for eons. Black beans, cilantro, tomatoes, chilies, peppers, onions, garlic, cumin, chipotle, lime, plantain, rice, and corn are often folded together, in various forms, to create a distinct collection of flavors and tastes, instigated by heritage, and a dependency on fresh and fragrant ingredients. The development of sustenance that's uniquely Mexican is agricultural, but it's also historical: imperialism, independence, immigration, migration, settlement, religion, economics, drought, flooding, war, technology, politics and policies have all had a significant bearing on the plates and palates of Mexicans for centuries.
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