Sunday, June 24, 2018 | Updated at 11:39 PM ET


Microsoft Office 365

Hell froze over: Microsoft has made its mobile Office apps free to use on iPhone, iPad, and soon Android tablets.


Microsoft's recent release of free, functioning versions of its Office apps for iOS is justifiably huge news -- especially because these smartphone apps aren't really a big deal.


Last Tuesday's keynote at Google I/O 2014 -- the company's developers conference -- introduced a lot of changes coming to Android, Google Cloud, and, importantly, Google Drive. Now Google Drive and its suite of productivity apps are more powerful than ever, and worth downloading, especially for the price. It's free.


Microsoft is going in a new direction, leaving the "Windows first" motto behind and replacing it with "cloud/mobile first." The most important upshot of this change in priorities is that as of Thursday, March 27, Microsoft Office is finally here (for real) for the Apple iPad.


About a month after Microsoft released the Office app for iOS, the company is released, on Wednesday, a version of mobile Office for Android.

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