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2016 Presidential Election Interest High Among South Carolina Millennials: Poll

South Carolina millennials are have shown interest in the ongoing presidential campaign, based on polling data released days before the Republican primary.
Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Rally In Mesa, Arizona

Millennials Overwhelmingly Favor Clinton to Win Presidency

Polling data among millennial respondents showed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton comfortably defeating GOP front-runner Donald Trump in a hypothetical race.
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Poll Finds Millennials 'Enthusiastic' About Upcoming Election

Among registered millennial voters, an overwhelming majority is enthusiastic with the 2016 presidential election.
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TURNOUT: Millennials 'Absolutely Critical' in Changing Political Status Quo, Says Gov. Jon Huntsman

A political movement with Democrats, Republicans and independents has been dedicated to change the status quo and insert new politics of problem solving, and No Labels co-chair Jon Huntsman told Latin Post about the need for change, impact of millennial voters and the upcoming “Problem Solver Convention.”
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Online Voter Registration May Boost Tech-Savvy Latino, Millennial Voter Engagement

Online voter registration has become one of the most discussed topics among state legislatures as it may reduce cost and improve government efficiency but perhaps more importantly enhance Latino and millennial engagement.
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Millennial Voter Representation Similar to 2010 Midterm Turnout, Based on Preliminary Estimates

Althought final turnout results have not been confirmed, early estimates forecast at least 21.3 percent of millennials voted for this year's midterm elections.
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Florida Gubernatorial Race: Statistical Dead Heat for Republican Rick Scott, Democrat Charlie Crist in New Polls

Current Florida Governor Rick Scott has a slim election to win on Nov. 4 as new polling figures has the Republican incumbent tied or losing behind Democratic challenger Charlie Crist.
New Poll: Support For Obama Among Latino Millenial Voters Dropping; 'Definite' Millennials Voters Prefer Republican-Controlled Congress

New Poll: Support For Obama Among Latino Millenial Voters Dropping; 'Definite' Millennial Voters Prefer Republican-Controlled Congress

Millennials may play a crucial role for this year's midterm elections, and it could benefit the Republican Party come Election Day.
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Millennials 'Most Liberal' Age Group, Young Republicans Say Immigrants Strengthen US

Millennials have been labeled the "most liberal" generation, and it could affect individuals identifying themselves as Republican.
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