Amanda Seyfried in 'Lovelace'

Amanda Seyfried 'Lovelace' Trailer: Risque New Role As Porn Star Linda Lovelace

Amanda Seyfried takes on a risque new role as 'Deep Throat' porn star Linda Lovelace.

Terminator Reboot Confirmed, Schwarzenegger Says He Wants to Star in New Trilogy

The seemingly ageless star of the Terminator franchise has no plans on slowing down, and would love to be in the new sequel, set to debut in 2015.

Gwyneth Paltrow Strips Down To Lingerie In 'Thanks For Sharing' Trailer

The 40-year-old Hollywood veteran looks better than ever in her newest role on the big screen.
World War Z

World War Z Review Roundup: Critics Pan Pitt Film, Despite Spectacle [TRAILER]

One of the most notable films of the summer is "World War Z," which stars Brad Pitt in a story based around the ever-popular concept of a zombie apocalypse.

"Man of Steel" Review Roundup: Can Zack Snyder Successfully Rewrite American Myth? [Trailer]

The brand new adaptation for the classic superhero story of Superman hits theaters this weekend, and is expected to drawn in fans by the millions. We take a look at what some of the experts are saying about the new movie, "Man of Steel."
Movies, World War Z

Best Movies of 2013: Best & Worst Use of Product Placement in a Film

Product placement is often seen as the bane of modern films, particularly those created in a studio setting. There is simply nothing more distracting or irritating than trying to immerse yourself in a film and then suddenly having a company logo appear on screen; how can one maintain that level of immersion when this immediately makes the viewer realize that he/ she just paid to watch a commercial that some film production executives thought the audience would either ignore or simply not pay attention to.

Jennifer Aniston Stripper Scenes in 'We're the Millers' Bare Plenty of Skin [VIDEO]

A new drug-smuggling comedy is coming to theaters soon, and it promises to deliver one of Aniston's raunchier roles
The Avengers, Movies

'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' News, Casting, Release Date: Could Mel Gibson Play Thanos?

Robert Downey Jr. is well-known for his eccentricity and reportedly has interest in seeing Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster appear in "The Avengers" universe.
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