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US Latino Unemployment Rate: 1.9 Million Latinos Unemployed But Millions More Not in Labor Force

The U.S. Latino unemployment rate has declined based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics' August report, but the number of people employed and not in the labor force depict a different picture.

National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, Latino Advocates Address 'Setback' of Obama Immigration Executive Action Delay

A coalition of 39 national Latino advocacy organizations responded to President Barack Obama's executive action delay on immigration. The coalition, known as the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA), expressed "anger" and "disappointment" with Obama's decision.

Latinos 'Deeply Impacted' by Recession But Remain Optimistic About 'American Dream'

The Latino unemployment rate is 7.8 percent in the U.S., based on July's report from the Department of Labor, but despite the rate's increase, Latinos remain optimistic about their economic future.
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US Latino Unemployment Rate 7.8 Percent: Higher for Women than Men, Politicians Comment on July Labor Report

The U.S. Department of Labor revealed the overall unemployment rate increased to 6.2 percent for July, but the rate for Latinos remained at 7.8 percent.

Facebook COO at 2014 NCLR Conference: Gender and Race Issues Holding Latinas Back

Facebook COO Sheryl Sanderg addressed the 2014 National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Latino Entrepreneurs Succeeding Online panel Sunday, urging for a foundational reform in the way the world views both gender and race in light of how it affects minorities such as Latinas.
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Latino Rights Group Denied Grant by Catholic Organization for Being Linked to Marriage Equality Activism

Immigrant and worker's rights group VOZ was denied a large grant by a Latino Catholic organization due to their affiliation with a group that supports same-sex marriage.

More Latinos Suffering From Chronic Illnesses, Says New Report

A new report released by the National Council of La Raza finds that the number of Latinos with chronic diseases is on the rise.

Latino Millennial Males More Likely Underemployed Than Whites Despite More Work Experience

According to the Economic Policy Institute, the start of 2014 provided four million job openings, but there were 10.2 million job seekers. Young workers face "steeper" competition in the job market against older workers because they have less work experience.
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US Jobs Report: Latinos 'Actively' Seeking Employment, Unemployment Grows to 7.8 Percent

The U.S. Department of Labor released June's jobs figures, and it has been considered a "strong" month except for Latinos.
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Latino Civil Rights, Voter Engagement Groups Score House GOP Immigration Reform Efforts

Five Latino civil rights and voter engagement organizations released a scorecard for the members from the House of Representatives grading their actions on immigration reform. The scorecard was developed in anticipation of of the House's summer recess in July.
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US Latino Unemployment Rate Increases, But 1 in 3 US Workers Will Be Latino by 2050, Says NCLR

The Latino unemployment rate in the United States increased to 7.7 percent last month, despite an increasing number of Hispanics entering the job market. According to the National Council of La Raza, a heavy emphasis shouldn't be placed on the monthly unemployment numbers, since many factors shift each month.
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US Latino Leaders Argue Against Focusing on Immigration, Encourge Tackling Balanced Issues Instead

Immigration is a very hot topic amongst Latino Americans, but is the debate taking focus away from other important issues? Recently, Angelo Falcón, National Institute for Latino Policy president, argued that today's heavy emphasis on immigration distracts the nation from other imperative topics.
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