Donald Trump Presidential Campaign One Year Later: Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta, Actress Alicia Machado Describes the 'Year of Hate'

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign One Year Later: Civil Rights Legend Dolores Huerta, former Miss Universe Alicia Machado Alicia Machado
President Obama introduces Judge Merrick Garland

Latino Leaders Argue Senate Blocking Merrick Garland's SCOTUS Process Impacts Latino Community

Latino lawmakers, advocates and legal groups have welcomed President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland and called on Congress for a fair nomination process.
Carlos Lopez-Cantera

Republican Latino Senate Candidate Responds to Celebrities' Anti-GOP Letter to Latino Community

Florida Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera wrote a letter to the Latino community in response to celebrities and advocates warning the electorate about the GOP.
immigration immigration reform protests

Latino Celebrities, Activists to Latino Community: Stand Up Against GOP's Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

Latino leaders, ranging from activists and celebrities, have called on the Latino community to stand up against the anti-immigrant rhetoric made during the presidential campaign trail.
Dolores Huerta

Op-Ed: Latinas Have the Most to Lose Under Republican President

Latinas Have the Most to Lose Under Republican PresidentWe've heard a lot about the GOP War on Women and the GOP War on Latinos, but we haven't spent enough time focusing on the intersection of these groups: Latinas.
GOP Republican debate

Latino Leaders Rally Against Hateful Campaign Rhetoric Ahead GOP Debate

Ahead of Tuesday evening’s Republican presidential debate, Latino advocates and groups are further dissecting the GOP’s “extreme” and “hateful” rhetoric on the campaign trail.
Scott Walker

Progressive Groups, Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta Takes Aim at 'Terrible' Gov. Scott Walker

With Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker set to speak at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in San Diego, a progressive organization and a civil rights icon have voiced the Republican presidential candidate’s stance on immigration and the Latino community.
Pat Toomey

Senate Judicial Confirmation Hearing: GOP Senate Vote for Judge Luis Felipe Restrepo Delayed Further?

The U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary has finally scheduled an executive meeting for a vote on Judge Luis Felipe Restrepo for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Although the Judiciary Committee announced the vote on the agenda, an actual vote on President Barack Obama's judicial nominee is not guaranteed.
Jeb Bush

Immigrant Rights Advocates Continue to Haunt Jeb Bush on Immigration Reform Stance

Immigrant rights advocates have announced they will continue to protest at presidential candidates’ events as they want a pathway to citizenship for immigrants currently in the U.S.
Jeb Bush

Spanish-Language Ad in Latino Battleground States Highlights Jeb Bush's Immigration, Minimum Wage Stance

Coinciding with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's official presidential campaign announcement, a new advertisement has been released highlighting his stance on issues critical to the Latino community.

TURNOUT: Civil Rights Activist Dolores Huerta: Latinos Will Be The 'Deciders' in 2016 Election, Analyzes GOP Candidates

Regarded as "one of America's great labor and civil rights icons," Dolores Huerta has dedicated her life to advocating labor and civil rights, and her work continues as the Latino electorate brave the 2016 presidential election season.
Rand Paul

Luis Restrepo Nomination Hearing Scheduled for Next Week After Months of Delays

The U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary has scheduled a hearing on the nomination of Judge Luis Felipe Restrepo for the Third Circuit Court after several months of delays.
Iimmigration reform Dreamers dreamers protest rally

Latinos, Immigrant Rights Advocates Observe DAPA’s Original Implementation Date with Protests, Rallies

Six months after President Barack Obama announced his latest immigration executive action, the Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) program's future remains unknown. To commemorate what would have been DAPA’s implementation date, Latino and immigrant rights are hosting events and rallies for the deferred action program that could result in a GDP increase of $164 billion by 2025.

TURNOUT: People for the American Way's Carlos Sanchez Says GOP Needs Accountability in Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

More than two-thirds of the U.S. Latino electorate live in six states -- Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Texas -- but one progressive advocacy organization has been working on having anti-Latino and anti-immigrant representatives accountable and heard for Latinos across the country, especially for the presidential election season.
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