Latinos in the U.S. With Darker Skin Face More Discrimination, New Study Shows

Latinos in the U.S. With Darker Skin Face More Discrimination, New Study Shows

A new Pew Research Center study found that darker skin among Latinos can impact their everyday lives and long-term success in the United States.
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Latino Citizens Still Concerned About Deportation Despite Decrease in Numbers

In recent research, it was presented that there is a fear of a rise in the deportation of Latino US citizens.
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COVID-19: Hispanics are More Concerned About the Health and Financial Threat

A new survey shows that Hispanics are more concerned than other Americans about the health and financial threats brought by COVID-19.
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Hispanic, Black Parents Still Find College Education Essential

A Pew Research Center study finds Hispanic and black parents are much more likely than white parents to emphasize a college degree in helping their children get ahead.
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New Research Shows Millennials Distrust Media, Believe in Business

New research suggests that millennials have a negative view of authoritative institutions such as the church and media.
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National Latino Group Launches 'Unprecedented' Voter Education Push in Swing States

With Election Day 2016 now less than a year away, the call for Latinos to register to vote will enhance with a new education campaign, notably in key battleground states.
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U.S. Latino Population Rates Increases to 17.4 Percent, But Growth Rate Continues to Ease

American Latinos have been key in the U.S. overall population growth, but the gains are declining as immigration rates ease.
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US-Born, Foreign-Born Latinos and Millennials Support Pathway to Legal Status for Undocumented Immigrants

While the two major political parties remain divided about providing undocumented immigrants a pathway to U.S. citizenship, a majority of Americans have made their preference known.
Florida Business Booming Thanks to Latinos

Millennial Labor Participation Rate Surpasses Generation X: Pew Research

Millennials, an American demographic comprising of 18-to-34-year olds, have become the largest generation share of the U.S. workforce.
New York City Council holds oversight hearing on unaccompanied minors

More Women in U.S. Having Children, But Latino Family Size Still Dropping - Pew

Childlessness is so passé. There have been increases in large families among highly educated women. Yet, there has been a decrease in the number of large families within the Latino population.
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Pew: Young Latinos Love Anonymous Sharing Apps Like Whisper and Yik Yak and Also... Google Plus?

This week, the Pew Research Center released its recurring report on social media use among teens in the U.S. Among the survey's findings are some interesting insights on how young Latinos express themselves online.
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While Ahead of the Digital Curve, Many Latinos Are Also 'Smartphone-Dependent' - Pew

Latinos, especially upwardly mobile millennials, have been shown by many studies to be "ahead of the digital curve" when it comes to being tuned into cutting edge digital media, as well as smartphone ownership and useage. In fact, Latinos own smartphones at a rate that's almost 10 percent higher than the U.S. national average, as we previously reported.
Top Clinton aide heads to N.H., Iowa

Interest in 2016 Presidential Election Season Lower Than 2008 Election, New Poll Says

Interest for the 2016 presidential election is reportedly lower compared to the previous two presidential election cycles, according to polling data.

Study: Foreign-Born Latinos Less Likely to Visit Libraries, but Value the Experience More Than Others

Nationwide, there are more than 17,000 public libraries and bookmobiles servicing 96 percent of the population, but foreign-born Latinos are least likely to utilize library services. That said, the foreign-born Latinos who visit the library greatly benefit from it, according to a new study.
Fewer Latinos by 2016, Report Says

Census Bureau: Population Rate of Foreign Born Latino Immigrants to Drop By 2060

The U.S. Census Bureau projects the foreign-born immigrant population to hit 78 million by 2060, but the rate is expected to drop for the Latino population.
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Marijuana Legalization Popular Among Millennials, Including Republican Youth

Support for legalizing marijuana has increased over the years but most notably among Republican millennials. Legalizing marijuana is significantly more popular among millennials, regardless of political affiliation, but older age groups steadily show opposition to the concept.
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