U.S. President Trump holds coronavirus response meeting with Governors Kelly and Hutchison at the White House in Washington

Trump Claims Millions of COVID-19 Cases in the US a 'Badge of Honor'

US President Donald Trump believes the world-topping number of coronavirus cases in the country is evidence to the country's aggressive testing.

Meet Kayleigh McEnany: The New White House Press Secretary

The Trump administration recently tapped the former CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany to join the White House communications team.

Obama Says ‘Alcohol Is More Dangerous Than Marijuana’ And Shocks Nation But These Famous Politicos Began Rallying For Reefer Ages Before POTUS Took His First Puff

Although the alcohol prohibition era has long since come to an end, marijuana prohibition remains intact since its inception in 1932 with the passage of the Marijuana Tax Act.
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