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President Obama's Approval Rating Improves Among Millennials, Latinos

President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party members in Congress received better approval ratings than Republicans based on polling data on millennials.

Latinos, Millennials Give President Obama Higher Job Approval Rating Than Congress

President Barack Obama's job approval rating has hit over the 50 percent barrier between Latino and millennial respondents in a new survey.
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Obama on Immigration Reform: 59 Percent Disapprove of Immigration Management, Job Approval Hit New Lows

President Barack Obama's handling of immigration and his overall job performance has declined to new lows based on polling data.
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Obama Approval Rating Hits New Low: 4 in 10 Americans Approve Handling of Economy and 'Dissatisfied' with Immigrations Crisis

A majority of Americans believe the country is heading towards the wrong direction, and President Barack Obama's approval rating dropped to new lows.
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President Obama 'Worst President' Since World War II, Ronald Reagan Ranked Best, Says Quinnipiac National Poll

Polling data revealed respondents believe President Barack Obama is "the worst president since World War II." The Quinnipiac University National Poll surveyed 1,446 registered voters, 33 percent of whom said out of every president since Harry Truman, Obama is the "worst president."

Poll: Americans Unhappy With President Obama And His Administration’s Handling Of Issues They Deem Top Priority For 2014

According to a recent poll the majority of American voters say they are unhappy with how the president is handling what they believe are the highest priority issues facing the country. However, if Obama can rearrange his priorities and fix the current situation in a few key areas pollsters say his approval ratings may increase for 2014.
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