Ecuador President Guillermo Lasso on 2021 UNGA

Ecuador President Guillermo Lasso Pardons Inmates Over Deadly Prison Riots

Ecuador President Guillermo Lasso pardons some of the inmates in response to prison overcrowding and violence.
Guayaquil, Ecuador Prison

Ecuador Officials to Pardon Thousands of Inmates Following Deadly Prison Riot That Killed 118

Thousands of inmates in an Ecuador prison were aimed to be pardoned following the riot that killed 118 individuals.
Ecuador Prison Riot Casualties Rise to 79

Ecuador Prison Riot Casualties Rise to 79

A number of inmates have died with some reportedly beheaded and dismembered after a prison riot in Ecuador this week. Authorities managed to control the facilities in three cities after raids by hundreds of police officers and military personnel.
Prison riot

Venezuela Prison Riot: Over 100 Prisoners Dead or Injured, Guards Allegedly Opened Fire

Venezuelan Prison Observatory rights group provided the latest figures of dead and wounded prisoners at Los Llanos Prison Center in Guanare City, Venezuela.
Riot Police

More than 40 Inmates Dead, Warden Injured After a Venezuelan Riot

A riot exploded on Friday at a prison in central Venezuela, killing over 40 people and injuring 50 others. Injured individuals, included a National Guard officer, wounded by an explosion, and the warden, hurt by a knife wound.
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