Microsoft Tweaks Productivity Score Tool After Privacy Backlash

Microsoft Tweaks Productivity Score Tool After Privacy Backlash

Microsoft decided to make some changes in its new Productivity Score feature for Microsoft 365 after receiving backlash that the tech was invading company workers' privacy.
New Microsoft Tech to Track Body Language in Meetings Raises Privacy Concerns

New Microsoft Tech to Track Body Language in Meetings Raises Privacy Concerns

Microsoft had more plans on employee surveillance and privacy beyond managers tracking how often each worker checks their email or chats. Now, even each worker's body language can be monitored.
Tik Tok logos are seen on smartphones in front of a displayed ByteDance logo in this illustration.

US Senators Press Investigation of TikTok on Children’s Privacy

Four US senators including a so-called "China hawk" on Friday pressed the Federal Trade Commission to probe accusations that TikTok has violated a consent ruling that protects the privacy of children.
Eddy Cue, Apple SVP of Internet software and services

Apple Warns FBI Encryption Battle Could Affect Latinos

Apple told Univision this week that the FBI's demand for weaker security on iPhones could give the government more power to track immigration.
Facebook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion

Brazil's Jailing of Facebook Executive Casts Shadow Over Fight between Apple, FBI

Brazil's arrest of a Facebook executive, however brief, casts a dark shadow on the debate over privacy and security.
Tim Cook, Apple

Apple's Possible Supreme Court Argument Against FBI Could be 'Code is Protected Speech'

Here's the free speech argument Apple may end up using to defend itself and its encrypted devices.
Tim Cook, Apple

Who Has the Edge in Fight Between FBI and Apple?

The American public is leaning toward the FBI in the bureau's dispute with Apple to unlock an iPhone owned by one of the San Bernardino shooters. Those who support Apple and say the phone should remain locked are planning to protest to show their support for the technology company.

Apple vs FBI: The Road to a High Profile Showdown

A federal judge has ordered a defiant Apple to help the FBI crack a secure iPhone that belonged to one of the shooters in the San Bernardino attack. How did this happen?

Social Media Sunday: Privacy Predator 'Most Used Words' on Facebook & Snapchat's New Story Explorer

This week in social media, experts warned that one of the most recent viral hits on Facebook, the "Most Used Words" app, is a privacy-infringing nightmare. Meanwhile, Snapchat launched a challenge to Twitter Moments called Story Explorer, and Reddit has decided to honor visitors' "Do Not Track" settings on browsers.
House votes to end NSA phone-metadata bulk collection

NSA Bulk Phone Records Collection 'Likely Violates the Constitution': Judge

A federal judge has ruled that the National Security Agency's controversial phone metadata collection is likely unconstitutional and has ordered an immediate stop to the program. Though the decision comes as the NSA's program, in its current form, is set to expire in weeks, the ruling sets an important precedent for privacy rights.
Rand Paul

USA Patriot Act Expires: What Happened, Why It Matters, & What's Next

Thanks in large part to Sen. Rand Paul, at midnight on Sunday, the U.S. Senate let the Patriot Act expire, removing key controversial surveillance authorities from the National Security Agency. So what does that mean, and what's next?

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Supporting GIFs Now, Key Twitter Exec Leaves for Google, and Snapchat Gets Even More Funding

This week in social media, Facebook finally decided to support animated GIFs, Twitter lost a high-level executive, and Snapchat raised even more money.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's EU Scrutiny, WhatsApp Calling for Android, Pinterest's Fifth Birthday, & More

This week in social media, Facebook faced increased scrutiny in Europe while subsidiary WhatsApp finally launched its calling feature on Android. Meanwhile, Twitter's Periscope dominated Meerkat right out of the gate and Pinterest reached its fifth anniversary stronger than ever.
Social Media Logos

Social Media Saturday: Facebook and Foursquare Unbundle Their Apps, While Twitter Drops Bing Translate

This week in social media, both Facebook and Foursquare implemented a piece of their separate-app strategy -- both leading to some controversy. Meanwhile, Twitter quietly removed Bing translation, a feature it added in time for the World Cup this year, likely because it wasn't really ready for prime time.
NSA Headquarters

This One Snowden Leak Shows Why You Should Care About Every NSA Revelation

Over the weekend, a new detail about the NSA was published, and it shows why every previous NSA revelation leaked by Edward Snowden is relevant and important to everyone.
NSA Headquarters

A Year Since Edward Snowden — Part 2

A year ago, Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian published the first of what would become an avalanche of leaks from ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden about the U.S. National Security Agency and the modern world of digital surveillance and spying. Here are the five most important takeaways from a year that changed our perspective on our privacy in the digital age — part 2.
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