Donald Trump Says He's 'Going to Run' in 2024 Presidential Elections Following Afghanistan Mess: GOP Rep. Jim Jordan

Donald Trump Says He's 'Going to Run' in 2024 Presidential Election Following Afghanistan Mess: GOP Rep. Jim Jordan

Former President Donald Trump is geared and ready to announce his plans to run for the 2024 presidential election, according to GOP Representative Jim Jordan.
Nevada Mayor Leaves 'Elitist' and 'Socialist' Dems To Join GOP

Nevada Mayor Leaves 'Elitist' and 'Socialist' Dems To Join GOP

John Lee, a Nevada Mayor, announced Tuesday that he is leaving the Democratic Party to switch allegiance with the Republican Party.
Republicans Defend Unofficial Ballot Boxes as California Issues Subpoena

Republicans Defend Unofficial Ballot Boxes as California Issues Subpoena

California Republican Party said it would continue to accept mail ballots at boxes but promised some safeguards.
New Army Field Hospital Deployed At CenturyLink Field Event Center In Seattle

Governor Inslee, Republican's Culp Sparks Heated Discussions in First and Only Governor's Debate

Democratic Governor Jay Inslee and Republican challenger Loren Culp sparks heated debate over state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Louisiana's Democratic governor wins for a reelection

Democratic Governor Wins Over Republican Challenger in Louisiana Election

Governor John Bel Edwards defeated the Republican challenger Eddie Rispone in the Louisiana election.
Officials at the FBI are attempting to piece together the story of the attacks, as several lay wounded in hospitals.

GOP Rep. Steve Scalise In Critical Condition After Ballfield Shootout

Four people were wounded during a serious firefight.
The Texas Capitol was host to a fiery brawl over immigration laws.

Texas GOP Rep Calls ICE On Protesters, Threatens To Shoot Colleague

A bookend on a contentious legislative session at the Texas State House.

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign One Year Later: Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta, Actress Alicia Machado Describes the 'Year of Hate'

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign One Year Later: Civil Rights Legend Dolores Huerta, former Miss Universe Alicia Machado Alicia Machado
GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Trump’s Orlando Shooting Speech Takes Aim on ‘Dysfunctional’ Immigration, Renews Muslim Ban Pitch

Following the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, Donald Trump reiterated his immigration stance on Monday that would temporarily ban Muslims entering the U.S.
Donald Trump

Donald Trump Revokes Press Credentials From the Newspaper That Exposed the ‘Watergate’ Scandal

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced he has revoked the press credentials of a major U.S. newspaper -- the same newspaper the revealed the Watergate scandal.
Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J.

As the Senior Latino in the Senate: Menendez Condemns Trump's 'Downright Dangerous' Racist Remarks on Hispanic Judge

There are only three Latinos in the U.S. Senate, and the most senior of them all took Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to task for remarks against ethnic minorities.
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Claims Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nomination, But Bernie Sanders Fights On

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has claimed the presumptive presidential nominee for the Democratic Party on Tuesday night following
Bernie Sanders

California Democratic Presidential Primary Could Be Too Close to Call

The California presidential primary is on Tuesday, home to the largest number of pledged delegates at stake for either Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus

RNC Quickly Names Helen Aguirre Ferré As New Hispanic Communications Director After Departure of Hispanic Official

The Republican National Committee announced a new Director of Hispanic Communications following the departure of another Latina Republican in the RNC's media department.
Donald Trump

Donald Trump's Most Controversial Moments About Latinos During 2016 Election Campaign, So Far

As Donald Trump continues to try and unify the Republican Party after becoming the presumptive Republican nominee, the question most hold is: Will he get the Hispanic vote? Here is a sample of the diverse rhetoric Trump has used throughout his campaign.
Ted Cruz and Heidi Cruz

Indiana Primary Result Forces Ted Cruz to Abort Presidential Campaign While Trump Assumes Presumptive Nominee Status

The Indiana presidential primary provided some Latino groups a clearer picture of the general election as Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, suspended his campaign, which improves Donald Trump’s bid for the White House.
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