3 Dead, 2 Seriously Injured in Texas Sports Bar Shooting

3 Dead, 2 Seriously Injured in Texas Sports Bar Shooting

Three people were killed, and two others were in critical condition after an argument at a sports bar in San Antonio, Texas turned into an exchange of gunfire.
Fatal Shot

Texas Man Dies After Fatally Shot by San Antonio Police

After allegedly firing a gun at his family members and the news crew who responded on a burned-down house, a man in Texas was fatally shot by the San Antonio police department during a standoff Monday.
Xandra Ibarra

Explicit Performance Art of Xandra Ibarra Gets Censored in Texas

A four-minute art vide of La Chica Boom, Xandra Ibarra, was removed in San Antonio Texas after it was described as too osbcene.
The Royal Horticultural Society's 2015 Harvest Festival Show

How to Celebrate 'National Chili Day' the Latina Way

The special holiday is observed on Feb. 25 for this year.

Ultra-Fast Google Fiber Internet Service Set to Launch in 34 More Cities

America may be at the forefront of innovation in some areas, but it lags behind a a bunch of Asian and European countries when it comes to internet speeds.
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