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Why the 'Indiana Jones 5' Team Might Not Be the Right One

Beloved franchise "Indiana Jones" is returning after nine years, already raising concerns among fans regarding the viability of the latest installment. Here are the biggest questions everyone is asking about "Indiana Jones 5."
Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg Had CGI Practice With Ted Before Role in Transformers

Recently, Mark Wahlberg, star of the upcoming "Transformers: Age of Extinction" and new face of the franchise, next to Optimus Prime of course, spoke with the Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex to discuss how he prepared to work opposite a computer-generated character.
Mark Wahlberg stars in the newest Transformers Film titled,

Mark Wahlberg Promises 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Will Be 'Very Different'

Mark Wahlberg is confident that the newest Transformers film, "Transformers 4: Age of Extinction" will knock it out of the ballpark. The Wrap quotes the new Transformers lead as saying, "It is bigger and better than the other three combined," Wahlberg said, going on to predict that the film would be the biggest hit of 2014," during Monday's CinemaCon 2014.

Shia LaBeouf Bar Fight and Explanation Caught on Video [WATCH]

On Thursday, Shia LaBeouf reportedly got into a bar fight in London after a man reportedly insulted the mother of LaBeouf's girlfriend.
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Shia Labeouf New Movie & Retired Updates: Actor Caught in London Pub Brawl; Headbutts Guy [Video]

Shia is involved in yet another altercation, this time in London, for headbutting another bar customer which was caught on video.
Shia LaBeouf

Shia LeBeouf LSD Drug Use: Charlie Countryman Co-Star Rupert Grint Says He Dropped Acid on Set

Former Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint might be playing a drug dealer in London, but his former co-star, Shia LaBeouf, is reportedly the one who knows a thing or two about drugs.
Jim Carrey walks in the the studio of the Late Show with David Letterman in 2010

Jim Carrey Dead? Actor Victim of Internet Death Hoax; RIP Page Made For Him

Jim Carrey is the newest victim of Internet death hoax that was allegedly reported on January 14. The fake death of the comedian spread easily online as it even had a Facebook fan page that was named R.I.P. Jim Carrey.
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Top 10 Unlikely Celebrity Feuds: Shia LaBeouf, Charlie Sheen, and Jennifer Lawrence On the List

Feuds are not new to Hollywood, but sometimes they come completely out of left-field. Here is our list of Top 10 Unlikely Celebrity Feuds. Believe it or not, they all happened:
Shia LaBeauf

Shia LaBeouf Twitter Fight: Actor Bows Out of Jim Carrey Feud, Says He's Not Famous

Shia LaBeouf has continued, and quickly ended, his feud with Jim Carrey via none other than his seemingly preferred outlet, Twitter.

Shia LaBeouf Retires From Movies: Actor Can No Longer Take 'Attacks' on His 'Artistic Integrity'

The prized-actor has took to his Twitter account to officially announce his ‘retirement’ from his ‘public life.’
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