On this day 10 years ago, the late Steve Jobs released Apple’s original iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone is 10 Years Old Today: What Will Come Tomorrow?

Insiders speculate on Apple's next innovative projects in the years to come.
The Biggest Reveals From Apple's WWDC 2017

The Biggest Reveals From Apple's WWDC 2017

Some new upgrades and gadgets are expected to roll out later this year.
Immigrant innovators are woven into the DNA of Silicon Valley.

Study Shows Immigrants Are At The Heart Of Silicon Valley

A recent study shows how valuable diversity in tech really is.
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Diversity in Tech: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to Discuss Solutions, Reveal New Report

Silicon Valley continues to struggle with its lack of diversity, but many firms are now funding initiatives, adjusting policy, and actively seeking solutions. Now, two years after Google began the trend, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is finally joining the conversation in an active way.
HBO Silicon Valley starring cast

HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Creators on Art Imitating Diversity in Tech Industry

Silicon Valley has a diversity problem, but what about its namesake HBO satire? Over the weekend, the creators of "Silicon Valley" had some pointed words about the show's diversity and that of the industry it skewers.
Donald Trump

Tech Giants Meet With GOP Elite, Looking for Any Way to Stop Trump

Billionaire technology CEOs met with some of the top establishment Republican figures this weekend at the American Enterprise Institute's yearly World Forum. One of the topics of discussion? How to stop Trump's seemingly inevitable nomination.
Techcrunch Disrupt NY Manhattan Center startups

Startup DoorDash No Longer a 'Unicorn' With Latest Funding Round and Sub-Billion Valuation

Many have seen a shakeup coming this year to Silicon Valley's so-called "Unicorn" startups, those private startup companies like Uber and AirBnb that have a billion dollar valuation or greater. DoorDash Inc., a food-delivery startup that was seeking a $1 billion valuation when it began fundraising last fall, is reportedly now out of unicorn club as it finishes its investment round valued below that symbolic level -- and it may be the first of many.
Satya Nadella Launches Microsoft Build Conference

Diversity in Tech: Microsoft Announces 'Modest' Progress, But Female Representation Slips

Silicon Valley has a diversity problem. Mostly white men work in technology, and white men hold the vast majority of leadership positions as well. In the past couple of years though, many influential technology firms have been working to fix the dearth of underrepresented minorities in their workforces. But in the latest diversity report from Microsoft, it appears that part of the company's diversity problem has actually gotten a little worse.
Twitter Headquarters

Diversity in Tech: Are Twitter's 2016 Promises Disappointing or Just Realistic?

It's probably a little of both.

Yelp's Diversity Report Reflects Improvement

Across Silicon Valley, diversity has been hailed as one of the tech industry's greatest problems. Facebook, for example, has publically acknowledged its struggles with gaining a diverse employee base. But diversity isn't quite the same challenge for one Bay Area-based tech company: Yelp.

Silicon Valley's Diversity Issues Being Addressed by Google

Google has called attention to the "unconscious bias" or "unintentional hiring discrimination" that's present in its own backyard, recognizing how its own lack of diversity has contributed to the overall absence of nonwhites and women in Silicon Valley. But, it aims to address that diversity issue.
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Why Education Gaps Are at the Root of Latinos' Absence from Silicon Valley Tech Jobs

The southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, where the tech mecca Silicon Valley resides, is abundantly populated with Latinos. In fact, the budding Latino community represents 30 percent of the population. However, there's just three percent of Latinos working in the Valley's high-tech workforce,

Diversity in Tech: How to Attract More Minority Students into Tech Careers? Start By Asking Them!

If you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, when a cavalcade of Silicon Valley workplace transparency reports were released, here's the news: Most high tech jobs and leadership positions tend to be held by white men.
Amazon Diversity Disclosures

Amazon's Diversity Report and Jackson's New Call for Direct Action in Silicon Valley

Amazon's diversity statistics are predictably similar to the rest of Silicon Valley, but Amazon stands out from the rest in what it didn't disclose. Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson has called for more egalitarianism from the tech industry.
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Ranking Tech Companies on Diversity

This summer there has been a cascade of disclosures from technology companies, starting after Google revealed its workforce diversity statistics. So how do they stack up?

Diversity in Tech: Pinterest Shows Lack of Hispanics, but Progress for Women

Pinterest joins the latest round of tech firms reporting diversity figures in an attempt to shed some light on the makeup of Silicon Valley's workforce. The figures? The company's report shows there are barely any Hispanics, but more women than rivals.
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