New Book Exposes Latinos Long Involved History with America

Fernández-Armesto drafted the book with the intention of filling in gaps, integrating Latin history and American History, and providing a prospective that would "go beyond the traditional, from east to west, sea-to-shining-sea narrative."
Students in a Texas school district are saying they have been prohibited from speaking Spanish.

Latino Spanish-Speakers are on the Decline

The share of Hispanics that speak Spanish fell to 78% in the 2000s, and the numbers continue to descend. While at the same time non-Latinos have seen the benefits of the Spanish-language, and continue to seize opportunities to learn it; and, non-Latinos will potentially govern the language if Latinos lose interest in it.
Experts Judge The Annual International Wine Challenge

Does 'Spanglish' do More Harm than Good?

"Spanglish" has been called English's assault on the Spanish language; an implementation of English in routine speech or writing of Spanish-speakers that leads to the invention of words and phrases that don't exist in English or Spanish. This upsets purists, who see the infiltration of English vocabulary, particularly in the United States, as blatant Americanization of the Spanish language. Spanish and English are used interchangeably, within the same sentence -and the bilingual splicing of words is not unheard of. It has become a part of daily life, Latino American culture, and is promoted through major media outlets. Spanish words sometimes replace their English counterparts, and English words have crept "into everyday speech in Spain and Latin America, spreading to advertising, movies, and the other media of popular culture."
Thomas L. Cole

Thomas L. Cole Is the First Bilingual Judge in Port Wentworth, GA

The language barriers that Spanish-speaking Latino immigrants face whenever they enter a school hospital or courtroom, particularly in the South, is concerning. Very often, there are no interpreters present to answer questions or to respond when these individuals need to communicate with a teacher, a doctor or a judge, leaving them vulnerable and at the mercy of those individuals with whom they need to communicate. Nonetheless, things may be changing in one small city in Chatham County, Georgia.
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