Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Necessary for Scale to Compete, Says Deutsche Telekom CEO

T-Mobile might have finished 2014 strong, but parent company Deutsche Telekom's CEO Tim Hoettges still believes that a merger with Sprint is necessary to catch up to giants Verizon and AT&T.

The Top Tech Stories of 2014 Shaping the Future of the Internet in the U.S.

This year, more than any in recent memory, we awoke to the realities of the problems and promise inherent in what has become our hyper-connected, 21st century lives.
Masayoshi Son

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Failure Kicks off Price Wars

The collapse in a merger deal between Sprint and T-Mobile has caused a sharp and quick turnaround in the relationship between the two carriers, resulting in a price war for customers.
T-Mobile CEO John Legere

T-Mobile Goes After Sprint After Merger Falls Through

Sprint, the nation's third-largest wireless carrier, recently withdrew its intentions to acquire T-Mobile, and while No. 3 has been relatively quiet in the aftermath, T-Mobile has been firing off at its former potential partner.
Marcelo Claure

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Dies as Bolivian Marcelo Claure Named New CEO

Sprint has a new champion leading its Kansas-based wireless service, and he is 6-foot-6 from south of the border. The No. 3 wireless carrier in the United States not only dropped its bid for T-Mobile earlier this week, it replaced its CEO with a Bolivian billionaire.
Masayoshi Son

FCC Condemns Sprint and T-Mobile Spectrum Coalition

Sprint and T-Mobile received another blow late last week as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made it clear that it would not be supportive of joint bids during next year's spectrum auction.

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Faces New $15 Billion Bid from Iliad

The possible merger between Sprint and T-Mobile received another potential obstacle Thursday when French telecommunications firm Iliad entered the fray with a $15 billion bid for T-Mobile.
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Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Not Until September, Thanks to Regulatory Hurdles

As merger talks heat up the telecomm industry, one in particular has faced more regulatory scrutiny than others: Sprint acquiring T-Mobile. In hopes of putting together a foolproof argument before officially coming before lawmakers, the companies involved will not be making their pitches before September, according to new reports.
Carlos Slim

Don't Count on Carlos Slim Butting Into a Sprint and T-Mobile Merger

Sprint and T-Mobile are on the verge of announcing a merger, but speculation still swirls about the roadblocks ahead. The latest? Why, it's none other than the second-richest man in the world, Carlos Slim.

Sprint Asks Banks for More Time in T-Mobile Merger as Spectrum Warchest Is Prepared

A Sprint and T-Mobile merger deal is beginning to look likely as Sprint parent company SoftBank pushes for more financing and the two companies plan a $10 billion warchest for next year's FCC spectrum auction.
Masayoshi Son

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: SoftBank Reaches Skeletal Agreement

A merger between wireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile seems to be picking up steam, as Sprint parent company SoftBank Corp. has reportedly reached a skeletal agreement with T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom AG for the acquisition.
T-Mobile John Legere

Will the FTC Lawsuit Affect a Sprint and T-Mobile Merger?

Chances are that the FTC's problem with T-Mobile shouldn't spill over into merger analysis.

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: Should it Go Through?

Sprint and T-Mobile look set to join forces in the coming amidst a telecommunications industry shakeup that will pit them against the juggernauts that are Verizon and AT&T. Is it such a good idea? Definitely, says this writer.
Sprint CEO Dan Hesse

Sprint CEO Says Merger with T-Mobile Beneficial to Customers

A merger between Sprint and T-Mobile would benefit customers, Sprint Chief Executive Officer Dan Hesse recently said in an interview with CNET, by providing a stronger third competitor that can provide coverage options different from AT&T or Verizon.
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Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: $40 Billion Deal Gets Financing for August

According to a new Reuters report, eight banks, including international banks JPMorgan Chase & Co, Goldman Sachs Group, Deutsche Bank AG, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Citigroup Inc, have agreed to help finance the acquisition of T-Mobile. All in all we're looking at a $40 billion deal, $8 billion more than previously thought.
Masayoshi Son

Sprint More Hopeful of Merger With T-Mobile, AT&T Shakes Head

Things are really heating up in the U.S. wireless industry as a Sprint and T-Mobile merger begins looking more likely, causing some giants to go on the defensive.
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