Target CEO Steinhafel Resigns, Replaced by CFO Mulligan

Target CEO and chairman Gregg Steinhafel announced his resignation from the company Monday effective immediately, marking the latest and most prolific casualty stemming from last year's data breach.

Target Hires New CIO DeRodes After Data Breach Fallout

Target announced Monday that the company had hired senior information technology advisor Bob DeRodes to step in as executive vice president and chief information officer in light of last year's major data breach.

Target Credit Card Breach: Positive Side is Increased Cybersecurity Dialogue

The massive Target security breach last December resulted in the largest theft of retail data ever in history, but is there a good side to it? Some seem to think so, and most point to the increased awareness and vigor concerning cybersecurity.
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Target Credit Card Breach: Stolen Cards Being Used in Denver

The fallout from last December's massive security breach at Target has been contained in the digital sphere and courtrooms -- until now. Denver police are now on the hunt for a man believed to be using credit cards stolen from that breach.

Target Credit Card Breach Lawsuits Consolidated in Minnesota

Target's legal woes stemming from the December security breach will now be consolidated in Minnesota thanks to a new order from the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, moving 33 lawsuits from seven states and 18 districts to the retailer's home state.

Target Credit Card Breach: Banks Sue Retailer and Security Firm

Target is receiving more flack for the December security breach as two banks filed a lawsuit against the nation's No. 3 retailer for not properly protecting customer data.

Target Credit Card Breach: Senators Criticize Retailer for Not Acting on Warnings

Target's woes only seem to grow as the retailer is now facing major criticism from U.S. government officials about its failure to act on warning signals that could have prevented December's massive security breach that made off with an unprecedented amount of consumer personal records.

Cybersecurity Framework's Three Main Points Highlighted by US Treasury Official

Highlighting the U.S. government's increased involvement in advancing the nation's digital infrastructure, U.S. Treasury official Amir-Mokri explained why it is important for the Obama administration to be involved in the fight against cybercrime Wednesday.

Target Breach Could Be Worse, Retailer Warns

Last year's massive security breach which led to the loss of the personal information of over 100 million Americans could possibly be worse, Target cautioned in a statement filed last week.
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Target Credit Card Breach: Retailer Failed to Act on Warnings

Target's massive credit breach could have been prevented, it turns out. The No. 3 U.S. retailer apparently received security warnings about the breach but ignored them, allowing the largest credit card heist to occur right under its nose.

Target Credit Card Breach Deters Shoppers at Retailer in Early 2014

Shoppers are wary of Target, new retail data shows, after the retailer suffered from one of the largest credit card security breaches in history last year.
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Over 200 New Cyberthreats Per Minute in 2013, Says McAfee

Cybercrime is on the rise at an unprecedented rate, according to a new McAfee report. McAfee notes new threats are so numerous that its labs recorded more than 200 new threats a minute, or more than three every second.

Target CIO Resigns, Highlights Growing Cyber Paranoia

Target's chief information officer Beth Jacob resigned Wednesday as the major retailer attempts to recover from one of the largest credit card heists ever pulled.

How the Target Credit Card Breach was Discovered

It was revealed in December that cybercriminals had hacked into Target's database and made off with the largest cache of stolen credit cards in history. Here's how the heist was uncovered and revealed to the public, according to a recent New York Times report.

Target Credit Card Breach's Origin? A Simple Phishing Email - Report

Human error: what a big mess it can make. New details in the credit card breach that hit Target stores over the holiday shopping season point to a phishing email sent to Target's refrigeration contractor as the staring point of the whole debacle.

The Air Ducts! How Target's Hackers Broke Into the Network to Initiate the Credit Card Breach

Last week, it wasn't clear how the hackers who caused Target's massive credit card breach got into the company's payment system: it was just clear that credentials were stolen or hacked. In a report from Krebs on Security on Wednesday, the answer might have been found -- and it's stranger than you might guess.
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