Why the President Should Maintain U.S.-Cuba Relations

3 Reasons Why Trump Is Wrong to Reset U.S.-Cuba Policy

The president declared the official cancellation of the U.S.-Cuba deal and 3 reasons why he is wrong.

US Cuba Relation in Danger if Trump Reverses Obama Policies

President Trump is looking to reward anti-Castro Republican-based Cuban-Americans for their support
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T-Mobile's Cuba Expansion Will Increase 'Uncarrier' Boost Interconnect, Roaming Deals

T-Mobile announced on Monday it had increased its services and access to the fledgling Cuba market, securing an important expansion for its Miami market, as well as expanding its foothold on one of the freshest, most untouched new Caribbean markets in decades.
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President Obama Buries Last Remnant of Cold War, Calls for End to Cuban Embargo

President Barack Obama has called on the U.S. Congress to lift the Cuban embargo and abandon the policy that has benefited no one in Cuba or in the U.S.
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Floridians Offer Mixed Response to President Obama's Trip to Cuba

Floridians have offered a mixed response to President Barack Obama's historic trip to Cuba.
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In Awkward Press Conference, Cuban President Raul Castro Says Human Rights Shouldn't Be Politicized

U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuba President Raul Castro held what may be an awkward press conference as the communist leader was asked about political prisoners and human rights.
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Obama Visit to Cuba: Agenda Includes President Castro Meeting, Business Event with Entrepreneurs, Delivering Address to All Cubans

President Barack Obama will become the first American president to visit Cuba in nearly 90 years this Sunday in an effort to further review diplomatic relations with the little Latin American island.
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US-Cuba Policy Shift May Impact MLB, Cuban Baseball Players

The Obama administration's progress in re-establishing relations with Cuba could have a major impact on Major League Baseball, now that a newly implemented rule allows U.S. franchises to sign contracts directly with Cuban players.
U.S. President Barack Obama Meets With President Raul Castro Of Cuba

Obama Administration Eases Restrictions on American Travel to Cuba

The Obama administration took another major step toward re-establishing U.S. relations with Cuba on Tuesday by making it easier for Americans to take individual trips to the communist nation and allowing Cuban nationals to work in the U.S.

Questions Linger Over Fate of Cuban Felons in America as Cuba, US Restore Diplomatic Ties

Should the U.S. deport the nearly 30,000 convicted Cuban immigrants who have served prison terms under U.S. law?
U.S. President Barack Obama Meets With President Raul Castro Of Cuba

Obama Vows to Raise Freedom of Speech Issues in Cuba Visit; Will President Raul Castro Listen?

U.S. President Barack Obama promises to speak about rights for Cubans with their President Raul Castro. While the goal seems far-fetched right now, the Obama administration is positive that Cuba will change for the better, especially for the middle class.
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Lone Latino Democrat in the Senate Calls for Full Senate Vote on US Ambassador to Mexico

The sole Democratic Latino senator has called on the Senate to schedule a vote to confirm or deny President Barack Obama's nominee to serve as U.S. ambassador to Mexico.
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Bernie Sanders Provides Context to 1985 Comments About Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega

Older Latino populations have a negative view of Latin America’s socialist governments, and it became a hot topic for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., during the latest Democratic presidential debate on March 9.
Havana Hosts Annual Tobacco Festival

U.S. Mandates Over Cost of Liquor & Cigars Americans Can Bring Home from Cuba

The recent thaw in relations with Cuba approved by United States President Barack Obama has opened many windows for trade opportunities in both countries. Cuban cigar import, however, remains limited as the United States pushes for more open trading with the country.
U.S. Restores Diplomatic Relations With Cuba

Cuba Businesses Still Struggle Despite Better US Relations

The thaw in United States and Cuba relations is a major step for both countries, but the business landscape is still a work in progress. Both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs are still gauging the opportunities available to them in the country and trying to find their place in the evolving social and economic community.
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Guantanamo Bay Prison Closure Plan Submitted to Congress, But Opposition Already Awaits

President Barack Obama announced a plan has been sent to Congress regarding to closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.
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