FTC Vs. Facebook Update: Why Federal Trade Commission Would Find It Hard To Take Down FB

FTC Vs. Facebook Update: What are Federal Trade Commission's Options?

FTC has one more chance to prove its point.
Some Didn't Approve Jennifer Lopez And Shakira's Superbowl Show

Thousands of Complaints Pour In Over Jennifer Lopez And Shakira's Superbowl Show

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's Superbowl halftime show may be over but the controversies surrounding the most Hispanic Superbowl never seem to run out as complaints of "inappropriateness" piled up at Federal Communications Commission.
Diversity in Media Ownership Matters, Hints New FCC Study on Latino TV

This FCC Study on Latino TV Audiences Hints at Why Diversity in Media Ownership is Important

The mantra of "for us by us" may be true for Latinos' ratings of television programming, according to a new study.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Charter Gets Time Warner Cable Merger Approval, But the FCC Has Some Conditions

Charter won approval for its proposed merger only if it agrees to some terms and conditions imposed from the FCC and Justice Department.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

FCC Finalizes Lifeline Modernization Proposal to Fix Digital Divide

Even in the age of seemingly ubiquitous Internet access in the U.S. there remains a persistent gap between those who can and cannot afford access to Internet connections and associated hardware. Known as the "digital divide," the FCC has a new plan to tackle the problem, and the vote on that plan is coming up soon.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Latina Broadcaster Says FCC Jeopardizing Her 'American Dream' With Exclusionary Spectrum Auction

Despite protesting and a filing court action to delay the FCC's spectrum auction because of an eligibility debacle, it looks like Latina Broadcasters of Florida will not be able to participate.

How Unlocking the Cable Box Could Open Opportunities for Latino Producers, or Not

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission moved forward on an initiative that may revolutionize how consumers access pay TV, which could help Latino producers find their audiences.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

FCC Wants to Fine Telecom Companies $29M for Scams Targeting Latinos in Puerto Rico, Nevada and Latin America

The FCC is proposing a big fine against four interrelated telecoms that have been accused of "slamming" and "cramming" their customers, reportedly targeting Latinos with the scam techniques
FCC chairman Tom Wheeler Speaking at the Minority Media and telecommunications council on CSPAN

FCC Lifeline Modernization Urged to Overcome Digital Divide by NHMC, Congress Members

The digital divide -- the persistent gap between those who have affordable access to information technology and those who do not -- is among the many issues that the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) believes is holding Latinos in the U.S. back.

FCC Chairman Wheeler Wants to Unleash Silicon Valley Innovation on Your Dusty Old Cable Box

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has a plan to transform cable television. No, it doesn't involve breaking up big monopolies like Comcast; Wheeler wants to transform the technology at the point where consumers interact with their cable television networks: by unlocking the cable box.
Cuba flag

FCC Amends Exclusion List to Remove Cuba, Opens Doors for U.S. Telecoms

As the federal government has begun thawing its once-deeply frozen relationship with Cuba, opportunities for business and trade have arisen. Yet another door opened last weekend, as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) officially dropped its telecom ban on Cuba.
Dish Network Reportedly Eyeing Purchase Of T-Mobile

T-Mobile's Binge On Is 'Just Throttling' All Video, Says EFF, Calling for FCC Action

Binge On by T-Mobile isn't a free bonus for customers, it's a throttling strategy that affects all video apps, according to an investigation by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Comcast's Gigabit Retrofit Internet Service: Coming Soon, With One Big Potential Downside

Just months after publically unveiling an experimental technology that produces next-generation gigabit Internet speeds on cable networks that are already in place throughout much of the country, Comcast's impending super high-speed Internet service has officially gone live -- at least for one Philadelphia-area home.
Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

FCC Flooded With Over 13,000 Complaints Over Comcast's Data Caps

Comcast's expansion of data caps into new markets recently created a flood of thousands of complaints to the Federal Communications Commission, as a recent report exposed.
Net Neutrality rally re FCC public comment period, New York, Sept 15 2014

Data Limits & Data Freebees: New Creeping Threats to Net Neutrality?

Earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission voted in favor of stronger rules to keep Internet service providers from favoring some data traffic on the Internet over others. The February FCC decision was hailed as a victory by Net Neutrality advocates, or those who believe that the only free Internet is one where "all data is treated equally" by the companies that transmit it.
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

The FCC's Latest Vote May Help Low-Income Americans, and Millions of Latinos, Get Home Broadband Internet

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to consider a plan that would modernize Lifeline -- a long-running FCC program that provides subsidies for phone service to underprivileged households -- to include broadband internet.
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