Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America

Undocumented Youths Detained In Hotels Before Being Deported. Some are as Young as 1

The children were held in hotels despite having over 10,000 empty bed spaces at government shelters.
Supreme Court Rules President Trump Can Not End The Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program

Immigrants May Be Enrolled in the DACA Program After New Court Ruling

A federal court ordered the Trump administration to accept new DACA applicants after it stopped considering applications nearly three years ago.

Number of Babies Born to Undocumented Immigrants Declines: Report

While much of presidential hopeful Donald Trump's immigration rhetoric focuses on "dangerous" and "illegal" Mexican immigrants and "anchor babies," fewer "birthright" children have been born to U.S.-dwelling undocumented immigrants. Meanwhile, Chinese undocumented immigrants now surpass Mexican documented immigrants regarding the number of new immigrants in the U.S.
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US Mayors Agree to 'Support and Welcome' Refugee Central American Children

A dozen mayors of U.S. cities have agreed to support immigrant children from Central American seeking refuge.
Experts Weigh on Legality of Obama's Executive Actions Ahead of House Judicial Hearing

Mexican Authorities Deported More Unaccompanied Immigrant Children than US

Mexican officials are reportedly deporting unaccompanied undocumented children at a higher rate than the United States.
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Residents of Latin American Feel Least Safe in Global Survey, Fueling Undocumented Immigration from Region

Latin American residents stated they feel less safe in their region compared to other regions worldwide. Latin American security concerns could result in an increase of undocumented immigrants migrating north to the U.S.
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Undocumented Immigrant Children 'Entitled Equal Access' to Public Education, Says DOE

The U.S. Department of Education reaffirmed its position of welcoming new immigrant children to the classrooms. Based on data from the DOE, more than 840,000 immigrant students were in the U.S., with over 4.6 million learning English.
 Federal Court Judge Rules Obama's Immigration Executive Action 'Unconstitutional'

US Latinos Divided on Handling Influx of Undocumented Immigrant Children, Reform This Year ‘Very Important’

U.S. Latinos are divided on how to address the influx of undocumented Central American children entering the country, but a majority gave low marks to President Barack Obama's handling of the issue.
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