US Cuba Relation in Danger if Trump Reverses Obama Policies

President Trump is looking to reward anti-Castro Republican-based Cuban-Americans for their support
Havana Hosts Annual Tobacco Festival

U.S. Mandates Over Cost of Liquor & Cigars Americans Can Bring Home from Cuba

The recent thaw in relations with Cuba approved by United States President Barack Obama has opened many windows for trade opportunities in both countries. Cuban cigar import, however, remains limited as the United States pushes for more open trading with the country.
Brazil v Cuba - World Baseball Classic First Round Group A

Cuba's Baseball Players Could Soon Play Legally in US Big Leagues

U.S. President Barack Obama is set to watch the Cuban national baseball team during his visit to Havana in March. His administration is looking for ways to cement the recent thaw in relations with Cuba via the one sport both nations love: baseball.
Cuban Pass

Pro-Cuba Group Urges United States to Change Policy on Cuba

Group wants changes to occur quickly.
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