Kids being trained and armed to fight mexican cartels

Mexican Militias Arm and Train Children as Foot Soldiers in the Fight Against Drug Cartels

The CRAC-PF, a militia in the Mexican state of Guerrero, took matters into their own hands after the Mexican government failed to protect their community from surrounding drug cartels.
Using facts to mislead people isn't new for Trump.

Was President Trump Wrong To Call Mexico "Second Deadliest Country" Behind Syria?

He's not right, but he's not entirely wrong either.
Juan Santos

Increasingly, Latin American Countries 'Just Say No' to US Drug War Strategies

Several Latin American governments have been challenging various approaches to the war on drugs, traditionally pushed by the United States. Countries like Colombia, Chile, and Bolivia are "just saying no" to -- or at least severely modifying -- long held U.S. anti-drug strategies employed in the region like prohibition, the eradication of narcotics-producing crops, and presenting a unified militarized front against growers.

Majority of California Latinos Support Reforming Drug Enforcement Policies

A new poll shows that a majority of California Latinos are against harsh drug sentencing laws.
Rio Grande

Texas' Rio Grande Valley Operates as a Major Marijuana and Drug Smuggling Corridor

Federal law enforcement agencies have struggled to reduce the amount of marijuana smuggled into the country through the U.S.-Mexico border while the Rio Grande poses as its biggest challenge.

President Barack Obama Commutes Sentences of Several Non-Violent Drug Offenders

President Obama pardoned or commuted the sentences of several non-violent drug offenders on Thursday, highlighting the consequences of the US war on drugs.
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