Microsoft Windows 10 Livestream event

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10: Is Nadella Ready to Take a Big Bite Out of Apple?

How would you like to be able to stream your Xbox One games to a PC or tablet? How about an AI-assisted web browser? What about augmented reality holographic smartglasses? These were among some of the announcements Microsoft made on Wednesday's big Windows 10 reveal.
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iOS vs. Android Market Share in North America: BlackBerry's Decline Gives Microsoft Windows Phone 3rd Place

A study with approximately 300 million Canadian and U.S. Internet impressions found Microsoft's mobile operating system topped BlackBerry in Web traffic.
Nokia X

Microsoft to Support Nokia's Android Side, Exec Hints

Microsoft is set to soon acquire Nokia's mobile business, a move that raises the question: how will Microsoft deal with the Android operating system, especially given that Nokia now has an Android smartphone, the Nokia X, out? Microsoft Executive Vice President of operating systems Terry Myerson hints that Microsoft is not only supportive, but also enthusiastic about cross-platform integration.
Nokia X

Microsoft and Nokia Deal Gets Chinese Approval

Chinese competition authorities granted approval to Nokia to sell its mobile division to Microsoft earlier this week, paving the way for one of the most important mobile acquisitions of the year.

Apple vs. Samsung Sales: Apple Inc. Top Smartphone Sales As Google Android No. 1 Mobile OS

Apple Inc. secured another win as the top smartphone manufacturer in the United States (U.S.) but lost in the mobile operating system market share to Google.
Nokia X

Microsoft and Nokia Deal Delayed, Will Android Be a Part of Future Plans?

Looks like Microsoft will have to wait a little while longer to have Finnish-based mobile device manufacturer Nokia completely under its wing. The Redmond tech giant recently announced that the deal to acquire Nokia won't be finalized until April 2014.
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Android Gamers Can Now Square Off Against iOS Users in Multiplayer

Android and iOS users can now hash out their differences on digital battlefields as Google announced Monday that Google Play Game services will expand to include multiplayer cross-platform play.
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Windows and Android Together Make Microsoft and Google Mad

Microsoft's Windows and Google's Android operating systems may begin to run side by side in the near future, but it looks like neither company is happy about the increased interaction.

Microsoft Reveals Cortana, Own Version of Siri [Watch Demo Video Here]

The Windows Phone is getting a Halo-inspired voice assistant and a 2-minute video has been leaked to demonstrate.
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Microsoft's Ties with Google Grow as Windows and Android Begin to Hold Hands

They may be rivals, but it looks like they'll soon be forced to hold hands on a number of occasions. A series of recent moves by tech juggernaut Microsoft indicate that the company is opening its doors to Google's Android operating system. Whether it is with open arms or with reluctance remains the question.
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iOS vs. Android vs. Windows Phone Market Share in Europe: Google, Microsoft OS Increase Presence, Apple Inc. Slips

While Microsoft's Windows Phone platform remained as the fastest growing smartphone operating system in Europe, Google Android continued its dominance in the continent based on new market share figures.
windows 8.1 update leak

Microsoft Reportedly Considering Free Version of Windows 8.1 with Bing

Microsoft is reportedly working on creating a free version of its operating software Windows 8.1.
Apple iPhone 4s iOS 7

iOS vs. Android Market Share in Latin America: Google Smartphone OS Dominates Region Against Apple Inc., BlackBerry

When it comes to smartphone operating systems in Latin America, Google's Android platform easily reigns in among 18 countries.
Apple iPhone 5 Samsung Galaxy S4

Google Smartphones OS Hits 78 Percent Globally As Apple Inc. Drops Despite Strong iPhone Sales

Google's mobile operating system continued to grow during 2013 as the platform is expected to account for one billion mobile phones 2014.
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Android Apps in Microsoft's Sights Hint at More Adoption of Google's OS

Google and Microsoft could soon become uncanny partners as Microsoft is reportedly interested in allowing Android apps to run on Windows and Windows Phone.
Apple iPhone 4s iOS 7

iOS vs. Android in Spain: Google Smartphone OS at 86 Percent, Easily Crushed Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone, Says Kantar

When in Spain, Google's smartphone operating system may be on most of the population's devices based on new market share figures.
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