Here's Why Xavier Becerra's Confirmation as HHS Secretary Faces Opposition From Republicans

Here's Why Xavier Becerra's Confirmation as HHS Secretary Faces Opposition From Republicans

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra's nomination to serve as the Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary is the most controversial cabinet choice of President Joe Biden to date. Republicans wanted to deny Becerra's confirmation, and some of them voiced sharp criticism of him during the Senate's first of two hearings on Tuesday.
Biden Selects California AG Xavier Becerra to Be First Latino Health Secretary

Biden Selects California AG Xavier Becerra to Be First Latino Health Secretary

Democrat Joe Biden has chosen California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as his administration's health secretary, making Becerra the first Latino in the position if confirmed.
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Congressman Xavier Becerra to Gov. Rick Snyder: 'Man Up' and Take Responsibility on Flint's Water Crisis

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., and congressional leaders visited Flint, Michigan, on Friday, and met directly with families affected by the city's water crisis.
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New House Bill Would Grant Fair Due Process to Immigrant Children

House Democrats have introduced legislation for immigrant children and vulnerable groups to receive fair due process in immigration court.
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Diversity in Tech: HP Praised After Appointing Aida Alvarez to Board of Directors

This week HP announced the appointment of former Small Business Administrator chief Aida Alvarez to its board of directors, a decision that has drawn much praise from diversity advocates around the country.
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Since 9/11, Zero Resettled Refugees Arrested on Domestic Terror Charges, Says Rep. Xavier Becerra

Of the hundreds of thousands of refugees resettled in the U.S., since Sept. 11, 2001, not one has been arrested for domestic terrorism, said Rep. Xavier Becerra.
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Pope Francis Speech to Congress: Latino Lawmakers React to Historic Address

Following Pope Francis’ historic address to a joint-meeting of Congress, Latino lawmakers are responding to his call to act on important issues.
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Congressional Hispanic Caucus: Pope Francis Visit 'Critically Needed' in Congress

Latinos from all walks of life are observing Pope Francis’ U.S. visit, including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, a coalition of Latino lawmakers who anticipate his address to Congress scheduled on Thursday.
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Latino Congressman: Hispanic Heritage Month a Perfect Backdrop For GOP Debate

For one Latino congressman, Hispanic Heritage Month provides a perfect backdrop for the second Republican presidential debate.
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President Obama Advised to Veto Anti-Immigration House Bill as Donald Trump Visits Southern Border

The Obama administration revealed it will veto a House legislation affecting “sanctuary cities,” which have received national attention following the death of a San Francisco woman by an undocumented immigrant and remarks by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
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Latino Unemployment Rate Declines in May But 13 Million Latinos 'Not in the Labor Force'

The U.S. Latino unemployment declined by 1-percentage point in comparison to May 2014, and economists have remained optimistic about the latest jobs report.
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U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra Receives NALEO Award for Public, Latino Service Nationwide

U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra this week received the Edward R. Roybal Award for Outstanding Public Service, an honor for individuals who have committed themselves to public service across the U.S. and the Latino community.
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Says Immigration Reform is Coming

Latino Legislators To Immigrants, GOP: Get Ready, Immigration Reform Is Coming

Despite a GOP-controlled Congress seeking to undo President Obama's new immigration executive programs, Latino legislators this week assured immigrants that may qualify for those programs that they would indeed come to fruition, and they should get ready.
Celebrating Most Influential Latinos in the U.S. on Fourth of July Weekend

A Special Look at the Most Influential Latinos in the US

From Jennifer Lopez to Antonio Villaraigosa and Mariano Rivera, Latinos have made widespread contributions to American culture, business and politics. As the nation celebrates its birthday on this 2014 Fourth of July weekend, Latin takes a special look at the most influential Latinos in the U.S.

Majority of Latinos Believe That There Are No National Latino Leaders

Once upon a time there was Mexican-American man by the name of César Chávez, a farm worker who became a civil rights leader and founded the United Farm Workers Union...and there was an inspirational woman named Dolores Huerta, also Mexican-American, who helped him do it. Then, there was a Colombian-American man by the name of Harry Pachon, who drew national attention to Latino issues, such as bilingual education, political engagement and immigration. To follow, there were a number of men and women who helped to mobilize change and enable success for Latinos in America. The End?
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