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Xbox One New Games & Availability: Gold-plated Console Sold for $10,000; Where to Get One?

Harrods is offering a gold-plated Xbox One priced at 6,000 British pounds or roughly $9,785. The Microsoft game console is clad in 24 karat gold and is in full display at the British luxury department store.
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Top Ten Best-Selling Games for PS4 and Xbox One

Xbox One and Playstation 4 games have proved to be some of the hottest commodities heading into this holiday season and shoppers are looking to get their hands on the best games out there before time runs out.

Where to Find Xbox One, PS4 Before Christmas

Sony and Microsoft are keeping up with the demand for their game consoles as both companies just restocked the PS4 and Xbox One at select retail chains on Monday
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PS4 vs. Xbox One Price, News, Games, Availability: Where to Buy Game Consoles This Weekend?

The Black Friday rush is already in the books and stores are stocking back up for the home stretch of the holiday season.

Xbox One Favored in U.S., PS4 Wins Worldwide Audience

While the Xbox One jumped ahead in worldwide sales early on thanks to its opening day success in about a dozen countries, the PS4 has overtaken the global sales edge. Xbox One, however, now has claimed the advantage in domestic American sales

Xbox One and PS4 News, Rumors, Specs, Features: Analyst Expects "Balanced Sales" Heading Into 2014

The console war is only beginning

Xbox One News, Specs, and Update: Gamers to Install Mandatory Xbox One Update Today, More Coming in 2014

All Xbox One users will be required to install a mandatory update after today.

Xbox One Sales, News, Updates: Sales Now Match PS4, Console Selling Out Quickly

Today, Microsoft Corp announced that it has sold over 2 million Xbox One units since its Nov. 22 release.

PS4 vs Xbox One: Why Sony is Outselling Microsoft in Next-Gen Consoles?

According to a report, Sony’s PlayStation 4 outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One by as much as 66 percent. Sales for the PS4 amounted to 1.25 million units during November. On the other hand, Xbox One sold only 750,000 units on the same month.

Sony Winning Console War with Microsoft, But Will PC Be the True Winner?

With the holiday season just beginning, the console war between Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One is far from over. According to a report, however, the PS4 won the first battle by outselling the Xbox One in November.

Xbox one vs. PS4 Games, Features, News: Cross-Platform Gaming Introduced; Will Microsoft Have to Drop Xbox One Price?

Gamers are learning more and more about the new game consoles released by Microsoft and Sony
Tomb Raider

PS4 vs. Xbox One Games, Features, News: Upcoming Tomb Raider Game Will Run At Native 1080p on Next-Gen Consoles

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition will be joining the list of anticipated next-gen game releases after Square Enix announced that the game would be released on Xbox One and Playstation 4 game consoles in January 2014
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Xbox One, PS4 Gaming Consoles Back On Sale This Weekend

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 game consoles were so popular after being launched in November that most places were out of stock by Black Friday
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Xbox One Day One Edition Photo Sells for $735 on eBay

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture of an Xbox One Day One edition, on the other hand, is worth $735.
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Playstation Network vs. Xbox Live: Is the PS4 or Xbox One Best for Online Gaming?

It was not very long ago when online gaming was a laggy, less enjoyable experience. Nowadays, however, the next generation consoles have made significant improvements for online gamers but the question still remains: Which game console won this war?
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Will Other Tech Giants Soon Compete With Microsoft, Sony?

The Xbox One has marketed itself as more than just a game console and that entire idea might create intensified competition in the next few years, according to Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson.
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