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Nintendo NX - Release Date, Price, Specs Revealed

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 07:59 AM EDT
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Nintendo is leading the way in gaming by focusing on interesting controllers and 3D displays, and the much awaited Nintendo NX is definitely going to have the best of both.

Most of the information surrounding the mysterious launch of the NX are based on rumors, but Tech Radar says that it looks "like it's going to be a weird console", which is a good thing, because when Sony launched the PS5 and Microsoft, the Xbox Two, fans basically got what they were expecting, normal-looking consoles and controls with some graphic upgrades.

Nintendo's innovations, however, have proved very unique, as it immerses itself into newer and newer technologies, a risk that does not always work out for them, but always makes for a shocking reveal.

Due to failing sales of the Wii U, it seems the NX will be launching soon, around March 2017, so Nintendo might drop teasers and trailers soon. In addition, it was listed on Tesco's online store that the product is selling for $450, a placeholder amount for the site, but many have been averse to why Nintendo prices their products so high. Most followers think that it will actually retail in between $300-$350, a more market-friendly price, following the cheap release of former flagships like the DS ($150) and Wii ($250).

According to Express UK, the NX will supposedly support 4K streaming on Netflix, and will have the capacity to run games at 1080p and 60 fps. True to Nintendo's innovative side, the console is expected to have a hybrid handheld design, and will be able to support AR (Augmented Reality), similar to the one currently used for PokemonGo.

To confirm if the NX will indeed have these promised specs, fans should stay tuned for October 21, when Nintendo Direct is stipulated to a hold an event. Then, a comparison between the Nintendo NX, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One Scorpio can be expected, as all three are expected to debut next year.

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