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Hawaii becomes preferred scientists' hub

First Posted: Nov 25, 2016 07:27 PM EST
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A world famous tourist attraction and one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations, Hawaii has  nowadays become the mecca for scientists. The team of students and their mentors is seen at Kilauea, the largest of the volcanoes at the Hawaiian Islands.

The scientists at NASA believe to have found some traces of the basalt rocks similar to which may be present on Mars in the past or even in the present. A team has been sent to the islands looking for the traces of basalt rocks, which will  be further categorised into bacterial or non-bacterial, porous or non-porous; for better conclusions.

The agency’s Biologic Analog Science Associated with Lava Terrains (BASALT) mission, is developed to test technologies for upcoming missions to Mars.

The experts believe that there must have been life on Mars some years prior from now. It can also be assumed that there is life on Mars even today but the residents stay deeper in the planet, to avoid the harsh and rocky surface of the planet.

Though the scientists have been working for some time now about finding life on any other planet, and in the course of that process, Saturn's moon, Enceladus  and Jupiter's moon, Europa have proved themselves on the positive side. The only hurdle that hampers the further work, is distance.

In that case, Mars being  the closest candidate seems to have been lucky to be witnessed by the experts of the colourful planet,Earth. The surface of Mars depicts the presence of water bodies on it in the past.

The satellite view of the Kilauea volcano and the neighbouring area gave strikingly similar images as that of Mars. Hence, the scientists took no time to understand that Mars might be our sibling planet. And a team of professionals was started for the very famous Hawaiin islands to utilise the most of their knowledge and return with some constructive news.

In future, there may be chances that Mars becomes the most in demand  tourist destination. And we also might have some visitors from the shiny ball.




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