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Apple Updates: Latest AirPods Are Impossible To Recycle

First Posted: Dec 21, 2016 10:25 AM EST

Apple's new AIRPODS represent the company's goal and vision of having a hands-free, wireless device to provide convenience to the users. The company has eliminated the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Hence customers will expect that the device will stay longer and convenient.

However, reports claimed that there is just one problem with the new Apple AirPods. The said device is impossible to recycle which make them a challenge to Herculean environment.

According to Entrepreneur, the wireless headphones of Apple could create a problem for recyclers. Several electronics firm have reviewed the device and its parts. Apple company has long been promoting an environmentally conscious image after being criticized for developing a device that 's hard to disassemble for recycling efficiently.

Apple's latest 4-gram wireless headphones or AirPods is composed of tiny lithium batteries that make recycling tight. Kyle Wiens, the Chief Executive of iFixit, took part on analyzing the Apple product.

"They're saying this is the future of headphones," said Wiens.

The new wireless headphones have been sold for almost 1.4 billion pairs that weigh 31 million pounds. AirPods may be the Apple's future because of the iPhone 7 ships without a traditional headphone jack.

According to Wired, Apple's AirPod packaging features the "Do Not Landfill" icon of the crossed-out trash bin. The company wants to recycle the wireless headphones but unfortunately doesn't know how.

Reports claimed that recycling electronics are complicated because the recyclers need to dismantle the gadget and manually remove the batteries before sending it to a shredder that mechanically separates materials that can be melted down, reused, or recycled.

Samsung's Note 7 has cleared the risk of mishandling a lithium-ion battery. So, imagine it being loaded into a shredder that is full of combustible dust and enkindling Kablooey.

Apple's AirPods, on the other hand, carries regulatory markings that indicate that the device is not intended to be thrown in the trashed neither be disposed of as electronic waste.

Willie Cade, CEO of Chicago PC Rebuilders & Recyclers said that the labor that will be involved in removing the batteries would make it hard to recover any of the materials from the device cost-effectively.

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