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Lala Kent Quits 'Vanderpump Rules' Reality Show

First Posted: Dec 13, 2016 12:18 PM EST
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"Vanderpump Rules" reality show has lost its one of the biggest stars. Lala Kent has reportedly confirmed that she is exiting the Bravo series this season. According to TooFab, the news followed the drama around her alleged relationship with a married man.

On December 12, Kent revealed her plans to leave the show. Bravo's spokesperson refused to comment on the matter. Kent and James Kennedy were ousted from the SUR group for talking trash about the co-stars on and off screen.

Now, Kent said that she would bid farewell to her job as a hostess at the SUR restaurant around the midseason of the show. Kent stated that she is excited to see people watch her exit in the show because it will serve as a chance to show a new side of her life and will get to show people who she is.

According to Hollywood Gossip, Kent explained that the show did not give her a chance to reveal the real her. Although the show would usually feature her friend Kennedy, the rest of her was never seen.

They were already in the half way of filming the upcoming season when Kent realized that she doesn't want to work with her co-stars anymore. According to her, they do not deserve to be a part of her world.

On the other hand, Kristen Duerte thinks that the rumors about Kent's married boyfriend are all true.

"I absolutely, one million percent know that is fact and truth, no matter how long she wants to deny it for. That's the problem with being on reality TV, the negative and the positive it's going to come out,"Kristen said.

Kent first appeared on the show in season 4 after getting a job as a hostess at the restaurant. However, she has reportedly alienated most of her co-stars except Kennedy by the end of the season. Several reports claim that she was having a romantic relationship with Kennedy in the past.

"I love you all and thank you all. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of love I gained from such sweet people in such a short period. The fan base I have has kept me on cloud 9. Stay tuned for Lala's next move. #upup&away." Lala said in her Instagram message for her fans.

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