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Aliens Report: Despite Warning METI Ready Sending Messages To Aliens

First Posted: Dec 29, 2016 12:54 AM EST
A line of thunderstorms form the backdrop for this view of the extended Space Shuttle Discovery's remote manipulator system (RMS) robotic arm while docked to the International Space Station.

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Despite the warning that Aliens could lead the destruction of humanity- a major program of try to speak has been launched.

According to The Cake, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization METI has revealed that it will start sending 'Hello' signals into space starting in 2018. Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence will start sending so that if any alien life is present, can hear us and get our location and come to earth to share knowledge.

As per the report from METI, they will start doing that from 2018-allowing humanity to get in touch with aliens, rather than waiting for them to talk to us. According to the president of METI Douglas Vakoch," If we want to start an exchange over the course of many generations, we want to learn and share information".

According to INDEPENDENT, Scientists have long time warned sending messages to aliens could lead complete destruction to humanity. The warning has provided high value by Stephen Hawking, who has warned that sending out signals could put us in danger.

Famous space scientists Hawking has suggested that any civilization we did make contact with is likely to see us as no more developed than bacteria.

However, the METI and other groups can send out their despite any obligation. As still there are no governmental regulations on the message that can be sent out into space.

The team will work by using basic scientifically and mathematical concepts. They are trying o find out and put together a message that could be understood by other living things in the distant universe.

METI will go towards building or borrowing a powerful transmitter that can send a message to the universe. For that, they are trying to raise $1million.

Before that, NASA scientists send pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft that carried messages written, as well as radio messages that have been sent out into the universe.

Meanwhile, still in doubt either the message has been received or not. Most scientists believe that we have so far failed to hear to talk to any alien life.

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