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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle news: Royal Prince dodges girlfriend’s invitation to meet family; ‘Suits’ actress eats alone with mom on Christmas

First Posted: Dec 29, 2016 07:39 AM EST
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If recent reports and rumors are any indication, then royal couple's relationship may already be in trouble. "Suits" actress reportedly spent Christmas with her mother alone in Toronto as Prince Harry chose to spend his at Sands End with a man he calls his "second father."

According to a report by Radar Online, Markle was seen waiting outside a restaurant with her mother, Doria Radlan, on Christmas evening in Toronto. Even though the 35-year-old actress was snubbed by her royal friend, the mother-daughter duo seemed happy in each other's company.

Apparently, Markle is not pleased with Prince Harry's repeated disregard for her invitation to meet the actress's family, an insider revealed to the publication.

The source also pointed out that Markle had to go through a long ritual before she was introduced to the royal family, adding that "the etiquette list just for five minutes in front of the Queen took her a few days of memorizing."

For some reason, Prince Harry has been repeatedly dodging the subject of meeting Markle's family, added the insider.

Meanwhile, in a report by Daily Mail, as Markle was celebrating Christmas with her mother in the city's chicest restaurant, Prince Harry was spotted with his mentor, Mark Dyer.

Dyer, that the royal prince fondly refers to as his second father, is a former Welsh Guards officer and one of the few people who have been in the prince's life since his childhood.

Prince Harry often seeks Dyer's good judgment on important matters in his life and with rumors that he and Markle will announce their engagement in 2017, fans wonder if this is what his lengthy meeting with Dyer was about.

A witness who saw the prince and Dyer meet at the latter's pub in Sands End, South West London, revealed that the two looked engrossed in their discussion and were really trying hard to keep their conversation private.

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