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‘Justice League: Part 2’ news: Movie delayed for Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman;’ Darkseid and new superheroes to feature in sequel

First Posted: Dec 29, 2016 08:42 AM EST
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Recent reports have surfaced claiming that Warner Bros. want to prioritize "Batman" release, pushing back "Justice League: Part 2." Reports also claim that Zack Snyder, director of the film's sequel and many other DC films, is reportedly not onboard with the sequel.

According to Movie Pilot, DC is more for spin-offs right now, rather than favoring sequels. Just the way Harley Quinn's standalone film, "Gotham City Sirens" was given precedence over "Suicide Squad 2," similarly fans are expecting that Warner Bros. will push back "Justice League 2" to make room for Ben Affleck's solo "Batman" film.

From the looks of it, Warner Bros. is taking audience response into account and release films based on popularity of a certain character. This theory fits well with recent updates about "Gotham City Sirens" and "The Batman," considering neither of the two were in DCEU's original roster.

For now, it is safe to assume that DCEU is in a state of mess right now and the delay may be due to Snyder's speculated departure from superhero film direction. Since DC films are now emulating comic-style storytelling, "Justice League: Part 2" may not be related to its prequel, Collider reported.

Having said that, there is very little information available about the "Justice League" sequel. However, rumors indicate that if the DC team is pitted against Steppenwolf in part 1, then part 2 will likely see a new team of superheroes that will fight against Darkseid.

If Darkseid is indeed being introduced in "Justice League" sequel, then DC should also consider presenting new superheroes. Fans are already waiting to see Green Lantern and if the reports are true, then DCEU's Emerald Knight will feature in the sequel. At least that's what the producer Charles Rovan has to say.

Meanwhile, it is also possible to see Martian Manhunter who is also thought to be the founding member of the league. He has already been introduced in DCTV and may soon make his inroads in DCEU as well. There are also speculations about Shazam and Green Arrow being a part of the team.

While the lineup is yet to be finalized, these superheroes will certainly make a good team against Darkseid. "Justice League: Part 2" was set for 2019 release, but has been reportedly pushed back.

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