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New MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Suffers From Serious Battery Issues

First Posted: Dec 30, 2016 09:37 AM EST
New MacBook Pro with touch bar suffers from serious battery issues

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Apple last month released their new Macbook 'pro's with just a 'pro' tag aimed at professionals where in reality none of their Macbooks released this year, except their full-flexed most expensive variant is the only notable macbook justifying its pro name but not its asking price. It has not even a couple of months since release and seems like they are already facing a lot of issues.

The Verge in their recent review severely lambasted Apple for poor battery life in the new Macbook Pros. However, Apple sent them a new review unit which resulted in the same. This is practically one of the most messed up case for Apple especially since Macbooks are known for their excellent battery uptime.

A report on BGR, revealed that the new macbooks are also a victim of graphics performance. Apple however are currently investigating on the same. The original report from Macrumors revealed that the touch bar was experiencing shorter battery life than expected and would only last them three to six hours than the advertised ten hour battery life. The news was eventually picked up on Reddit, followed by other websites.

However, a lot of reports point out to severe battery shortage on their hardware primarily due to the touchbar and other problems. One user reported that his 15-inch Macbook pro with touch bar just managed to stay on for three hours and forty five minutes with casual browsing and watching videos on YouTube. Another report revealed that the battery dipped 5% in just twelve minutes.ZDnet seems to suspect that, the new AMD chips might be the cause of the same which hasn't been verified yet. Its unclear whether Apple will release an update to fix the same. Until then, users will just have to continue their work till Apple brings out a patch.  

It reportedly turned ironic when Apple's own support community was flooded with loads of complaints from users that also faced issues with their device batteries and their customer support couldn't do much about it. Nobody including Apple had any idea about the problem that's causing battery life to nether down.

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