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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 news: These 3 features will make it the best tablet of 2017 [Report]

First Posted: Jan 02, 2017 06:31 AM EST
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A Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet, taken on December 14, 2015.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 did not make an appearance in 2016, despite all the speculations and reports. It is now rumored that much awaited device will appear in the first quarter of this year. That said, Microsoft will only have a few more weeks to make their hybrid tablet ready for the big launch.

What makes Surface Pro 5 an exciting launch for 2017 is its notable features that will set it apart from any other device in the market, despite saturation in hybrid tablet space.

With Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro release and its own hybrid 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2 gearing up for the launch, Surface Pro 5 has to really up the ante to match up to the growing benchmark. However, looks like Microsoft already has that covered and will launch their Surface Pro 5 with some of the best features, making it hard to beat, BGR reported.

Intel Kaby Lake Processor under the hood

One reason for delaying Surface Pro 5 launch to Q1 2017 could be attributed to powering it with Intel's latest and most advanced offering under the hood, Kaby Lake Processor. This chip can give performance a serious overhaul, as compared to 6th gen SkyLake processors, Tech Radar says. For now, Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro is equipped with Intel's SkyLake processors. However, once Surface Pro 5 enters the market with its Kaby Lake power, it will undoubtedly become the most powerful chipset delivering raw power, compared to Cupertino based tech giant's latest laptop.

Improved Cellular Connectivity/LTE

Microsoft realizes that the one thing their devices lack in is cellular connectivity, including the LTE connection. They have suffered at the hands of iPad Pro and Google's Pixel tablet simply because they do not provide effective internet connectivity. However, Surface Pro 5 will change all that and more. According to latest reports and industry expert blogs, Surface Pro 5 will become the first tablet that will come equipped with the latest eSIM technology, making it possible for the device to connect to the internet without being dependent on mobile hotspots or Wi-Fi connection.

Accessory overload 

For the hybrid devices like Surface Pro 5 to perform as they are meant to, it is important to connect it with suitable accessories. For SP5, this means a Surface Pen and a keyboard. When connected with these accessories, SP5 transforms into a laptop, and a really powerful one at that.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may be pricier than its predecessors, but given the fact that it will come complete with Surface Pen and keyboard along with other improvements, consumers may be willing to pay the extra price. This can be Microsoft's chance to reclaim the competition from companies like Apple and Google, only if they play their cards right.

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