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Stunning Meteor Flies Across Turrialba Volcanic Eruption In Costa Rica

First Posted: Jan 03, 2017 12:51 PM EST

The camera was monitoring the Turrialba Volcano on Tuesday evening when all of a sudden, a bright fireball appears from the left of the shot, streaking across the sky. The said fireball appeared to dive right through the path of an eruption.

According to Q Costa Rica, experts are confident that the stunning sight of the fireball was a small chunk of space debris which burns up upon impact with the Earth's atmosphere. Seeing a meteor while it shoots through the sky is very amusing.

The said camera was set up by the National University's Volcanology and Seismology Research Institute and in tasked with monitoring the volcano as it erupted. However, while on the process of filming, scientists did not expect to see the meteor as well.

According to the Costa Rica Star, the meteor is estimated to have been around 3,100 miles above the earth. However, it seems to appear just above the horizon as it crosses the sky and disappears behind the cloud of the volcanic ash. The appearance of the meteor was recorded at 10:22 pm local time on Tuesday night.

Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Chiapas viewers have also reported seeing a mysterious flash of light. The Turrialba volcano is now active and has been emitting ashes since September.

 "It has all the appearance of being a meteor of a size of a grain of dust. The shooting stars are pebbles the size of a grain of sand. As they move at high-speed and enter the atmosphere, they burn, and we see the result," said Victor Fung, a member of the Costa Rican Astronomy Association.

The video shows how the volcano erupts and spews out white light into the dark sky. Then, 5 seconds after that, a flying object appears from the right, travelling in right in the line of the eruption.

The object immediately disappears, and the volcano continues to go up in lava and smoke.

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